I sincerely hope that Dwight Howard sees this and thinks, “You know, I really wanted to go somewhere else until I heard this song with a ripped off Lenny Kravitz riff, so now I’m going to stay in Orlando for the rest of my career. Keep the Kravitz rips coming. Do ‘Where Are We Running?’ next.” I mean, Lenny Kravitz can heal a lot of wounds, so that is not totally unreasonable.

Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be more like this YouTube commenter says — “After watching this, Dwight might want to leave even more.” I blame Harmonica Lady.

(via PBT)

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  1. As an Orlando resident and fan of the Magic, this is a lame attempt. At least make a good song instead of sounding like a desperate guy who picked up a guitar to woo his ex girlfriend back because he’s too afraid he’ll be alone forever. I think the best thing as a fan of the Magic is to leave Dwight to figure it out on his own and get rid of all the voices in his ear (fans, friends, owners, family, etc.). This guy is going to make one of the most important decisions of his life, just leave him be and enjoy his game while he is still in Orlando and wherever he goes. SMH

  2. This makes me so angry

  3. I could totally see Dwight being a Lenny Kravitz fan though. Maybe its because Kravitz is so generic and non-threatening that it just seems like a perfect fit for him.

  4. This is wildly inferior to the one that Cleveland did for LeBron James in 2010.


  5. Wow. That is just sad…and talentless. And the Cavs one was yikes bad.

    Did we even have a sign day or anything for Bosh? I remember the small signs for McBaby.

    Hold your head up Toronto. We might not have the best team, but we have dignity.

  6. The sad thing is : these people will be even madder if/when Dwight goes… They’re building up disappointment right there… And trying to make the guy feel guilty for abandonning you (I think the ex-girlfriend comparison very suiting) is certainly not the way to go…

    And then there’s the actual song…

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