On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Sixers’ horrific fourth-quarter offense, Spencer Hawes’ impact, Russell Westbrook’s offensive rebounding, Royal Ivey (with cheese!), D’Antoni and Lin, Novak’s Intercontinental Championship celebration, D-Rose’s acrobatic layups, #DengBang vs. #Dengers, and Joakim Noah’s excellent defense on Tim Duncan. All that, plus an obvious “Wanker of the Week,” a little #SkeetsStat (sorry, Schuhmann!), and a final look at February’s Book-Off battle.

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Comments (11)

  1. shout out to one of my favorite wrestlers, cody rhodes, with that image on the video. #usedtobedashing

  2. another song to play when novak buries a three: oasis, ‘champagne supernovak’

    • …where were you while weeeee were getting high?
      someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide..

      *sigh* great throwback, thank you sir

    • Novakaine For The Soul

      You’d better give me something, to fill the hole.
      Before I sputter out.

  3. with the trade deadline, can we get a show with some gm analysis? best of, worst of – that kind of thing?

  4. Whoa boy — Rondo had his third triple double of the season last night. There have been 8 trip-dubs across the NBA this season — and Rondo has three of them.

  5. I always enjoy me a good #Dengbang

  6. you know what player would fit the Sixers right now? Andrea Bargani!! 2 first rounders and Andres Nocioni expring contract and you have a deal!!!

  7. acutally Chris Bosh might be the best thing from that 02 dunk contest. Was this the origin of “like a bosh”?

  8. To be fair, the full story is that Clipper Darrell was trying to use his likeness to make appearances as a spokesman. The Clippers tried to work with him so he could do it but he would have to follow the same rules and run appearances by the Clips front office firstt. He didn’t want to do that so they said so long. As a business and a brand you can’t having someone using your brand unchecked. No business in the world woudl let that happen.


    Other than that, great as always. Keep up the good work guys.

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