Jeremy Evans is the reigning dunk contest champion, which is still an honor even if he did win the worst dunk contest of the past few years. A win is a win, as fans of the Charlotte Bobcats will surely say if they find a way to win more than nine games this season. Nonetheless, the man is a champion and that is an honor.

But it’s not the only honor he’s received that week (good segue), as Jeremy Evans was lucky enough to have February 29 officially declared “Jeremy Evans Day” by the state’s governor. From

Governor Herbert presented Evans with the official declaration prior to [last night]’s Jazz home game against the Houston Rockets. An excerpt from the declaration states, “As residents of the State of Utah, we are tremendously proud of Jeremy for becoming the first Utah Jazz player to win the NBA slam dunk contest and literally personify our state slogan, ‘Life Elevated.’”

Haha. Literally.

I know you might be thinking that it kind of sucks that Jeremy Evans won’t be able to celebrate his big day for another four years, what with Leap Day being a marvel of science and day on which anything that happens doesn’t really count. Hogwash, says Jeremy Evans. He’s enjoyed Jeremy Evans Day like it was Christmas. From the AP:

“To get the award was amazing, then to come back (home) with a win after All-Star break fun,” Evans said.

It didn’t bother him that fans can only celebrate his special day every four years.

“I’ll take every four years, every five if I have to,” he said. “It’s exciting.”

That’s exactly right. How many statewide celebration days have you got from winning a dunk contest? Probably zero. Who cares if said day happens to be on a day which occurs only every four years? I’d argue that makes it even more special, if that’s even possible.

Plus, as NBA fans, this gives us something to remember every February 29, besides Vonteego Cummings’ birthday, which I’m sure is in all of your Day Planners. Every four years, because somebody barely messed up syncing their calendars with the sun, we’ll get to remember that time Jeremy Evans jumped over Gordon Hayward and dunked two balls. It’ll be pretty great, just as long as we forget about his camera head dunk, which is best left unremembered for all eternity.