You might think I’m joking about Kenneth Faried actually knocking out Kurt Thomas with this accidental kick, but Kurt really left the game with a mild concussion, thanks to taking Faried’s adidas to the face. I mean, look at the way he wobbles when he tries to get up. That is a serious strike. The guy in the bottom left corner of this picture knows what I’m talking about.

Concussions are no joke, just ask Kobe Bryant. Now I’m worried Kurt Thomas is only going to be able to play until he’s 55, rather than the 85 like he was planning.

Of course, knowing Kurt Thomas, he’ll probably be back this weekend, hitting 12-footers from the baseline. Not sure anything fazes that guy.

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  1. So how exactly did this happen? I can’t view videos here so I only see the image and I’m not really sure why Faried is airborne here.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Thomas is immortal anyways. He just periodically changes his name and team so that no one gets suspicious and asks him how he managed to play on teams with both Derrick Rose and Bill Russell. Basically, Thomas is Nic Cage

  2. Err, the ball was bouncing high out of bounds and Faried is jumping to save it.

    • Gotcha. Ok, thanks Jeff!

      I love the face of the guy in the orange shirt behind Thomas. That’s just an awesome picture all around.

  3. To me, the big news here is that Kurt Thomas is still in the league. I thought he retired years ago.

  4. Faces are PRICELESS . I must say I’m going to print this out and warn all my co-workers not to mess with me or I will turn into the Manimal and kick you in the teeth. HAHAHA, on the other hand I feel sorry for Kurt, he looks terrified like hes had that before

  5. Kurt Thomas wrestled dinosaurs eons before the league was even formed. This won’t slow him down one bit.

    At least Faried wasn’t as blatant as this piece of human garbage:

  6. That is no way to treat a senior citizen, young fella!

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