Classic “whoops that not my knee” moment here from Michael Beasley. When you’re team is that squished together it’s easy to accidentally start rubbing someone else’s knee. Maybe he should have noticed that he was rubbing skin instead of the neoprene knee pads he had been wearing all day, but in the heat of the knee-rubbing moment, it’s easy to forget those sort of things.

Lucky for Michael Beasley, Anthony Tolliver is one of the chillest bros in the league. If Super Cool Beas does this to Chris Paul, the ending isn’t quite so funny.

(via JazE5)

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  1. Ha nice catch by the camera guy…though I do think Beasley knew what he was doing all along.

    Or does Trey know that and I’m the one who doesn’t know.


  2. Oh Trey knows.

    I died at Beasley’s face while he starts rubbing Tolliver’s knee haha

  3. He likes being on the DL.

  4. Tolliver’s nod is hilarious.

  5. lol obviously highh.

  6. The extra little pinky poke he gives on top of the rub at 0:13 is the best IMO. Just couldn’t resist the feeling of Tolliver’s skin.

  7. pause @ 0:06 = your official 2012 timberwolves bench picture

  8. Is Ridnour trying to eat his finger?

  9. love the fact that we TBJ fans are super chill and liberal and all but c’mon someone has to go there – that has to be one of the cutest gay moments in nba history!

  10. …also, I just realized that we really have to enjoy those weird n whacky moments on the bench as long as they still exist – i’m pretty sure the next generation of players are super aware of the fact that literally EVERYTHING could be on the internet and hence remain in an upright non-talking position all the time, just going all post-dance-off derrick rose on us and totally bore the crap out of everyone.
    exciting times to be in journalism!

  11. This is great. Beasley has been hilarious lately.

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