Ballin: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 71 points on 56 percent shooting. The entire Portland Trail Blazers starting lineup had 69. LeDwyane Jades also added 13 rebounds, 16 assists, eight steals and two blocks for good measure.

Not so much: Kevin Love shot 8-25, which is terrible. But he finished with 23 points and 10 rebounds, so it at least looks good.

Looking is for jerks: Standard alley-oops are old and busted. No look alley-oops are the new hotness.

If you’re scoring at home, that’s a “Men in Black II” reference in the year 2012. You’re welcome.

Shocker: Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin and Francisco Garcia shared the court for the first time this season. Naturally, the three of them got in to a skirmish and Kenyon got T’d up. It’s his fourth technical in just 11 games, good for 17th in the league already. He hasn’t lost a step.

Stupid: This shot is just so stupid. So, so stupid.

Are you kidding me, Kevin Durant? This shot, man. So dumb. In a good way.

Welcome back: Joel Przybilla is back, you guys, so I hope you’ve kept your Ghostface references up to date. After not playing a single minute for nearly a year, Przydawg had six rebounds and four points in 19 minutes, for he is Joel Przybilla.

Other things: Here’s Marc Gasol clapping during the All-Star Game — while he’s playing … Lamar Odom is headed to the D-League … Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas are your Rookies of the Month for February. RIP Ricky Rubio … Eric Spoelstra and Gregg Popovich are your Coaches of the Month for February. RIP Vinny Del Negro … Byron Mullens just became British and will join Luol Deng on Great Britain’s national team for this summer’s Olympics