Just when you think you’ve seen everything an NBA basketball game has to offer, Martell Webster whips up something new. Last week it was the amazing steal and boneheaded dunk to lose the game, this week it’s botching an alley-oop in a way I’ve never before witnessed and can’t even really comprehend.

There’s nothing weirder than a ball getting stuck in the rim, but when it’s on a wide-open dunk off an alley-oop, then you know it’s special. Thanks Martell, for teaching us something new.

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  1. Somebody get the broom so we can knock it out of there.

  2. Did the announcer call him a porcupine….?!?

    And this is a really skilled play. Try doing it off of a halfcourt pass if you think it’s not.

    • yeah, eddie johnson probably spent 20 minutes mocking webster’s hair last night. dude is hilarious

  3. I didn’t like the timing on that pass, but I think Webster could have salvaged it with a lay-in. Of course for entertainment purposes, I’m glad he decided to stuff it straight into the iron instead.

  4. The best part about this is that Webster will indeed get ten more tries at it. I’m giddy with both anticipation and fear.

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