If you’ve watched today’s show then you already know we think it’s awesome that Derrick Rose makes all kinds of ridiculous shots look totally easy. Like, for instance, this game-winner from yesterday where he drives left — as the 76ers had been trying to force him to do all day — only to twist back right and hit the floater while he’s falling out of bounds. Just watching the replay makes my back ache.

But for Rose, this totally normal. His bananapants shots are commonplace these days, like he’s just shooting any normal layup. According to Rose, that’s pretty much the case. From Bulls.com:

“My game is (to) kind of hit crazy shots all the time,” said Rose. “That definitely was a crazy shot. I was able to get it off. They were trapping me almost the whole second half. I saw Thaddeus Young was kind of tired from trapping and I just attacked him. He let me turn the corner and I had a clean look at the rim.” [...]

“I don’t shoot it with my left hand at all,” he said with a laugh, though I’ve seen it plenty of times. “I’m not that good yet. I just saw an opening, my floater’s all right, and I just got it up there.”

Oh, no big deal — it’s just my job to hit totally bonkers highlight shots all the time. Quite the interesting approach to the game. But it seems to be working out, what with that whole young MVP ever award thing that happened last year. If it takes making crazy, stupid shots all the time to average 25 points a game then so be it. I am sure there are more efficient ways of doing so, but that’s not the point right now.

The point is, Derrick Rose is a boss at making shots that leave you shaking your head. And then he’s a boss of acting like it’s easy.

“He jumps off the right foot, faded to the baseline and it seems like two or three guys are trying to block it,” marveled Carlos Boozer, who was second to Rose with 13 points. “Crazy. I told him it was an amazing shot. Pooh is so humble and just says to me, ’Thanks Booz.’”

Haha. “Thanks Booz.” That’s like what Garth would say if someone saw him wailing on the drums. I’m not trying to boot up the Derrick Rose HumbleBot 5000, but I do think it’s pretty funny that he makes a shot like this to win a game against a good team that beat them the last time they met and all he says is “Thanks Booz.” It’s hard to say what the appropriate response is, but accepting congratulations is a very magnanimous reaction.

And hey, if Derrick Rose is convinced that he needs to make crazy shots all the time to be successful, then I think he should keep doing it. I mean, between the points for the Bulls and the video clips for the blog, it’s working out pretty well for me. If he’s happy with it, even better.