On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas list their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Grant Hill (and his future movies), the Hawks (KA-KAW!), Odom and the Mavs, Derrick Rose, and the Ryerson Rams (WHO!?). On the shit list: LeBron and/or everyone freakin’ out about LeBron passing vs. the Jazz, Amar’e, and Brook Lopez’s body. All that, plus our Jam Session Showdown, Trey’s Monday “Nower Rankings,” and Rondo vs. Deron.

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  1. Who exactly was killing LeBron for passing the ball? It was over the weekend so it wasn’t ESPN or radio hosts, so was it just people on twitter? People tweet a whole lot of things, so I’m not sure why you think it’s such a big deal, especially since LeBron failing in the clutch has become a meme

    Oh and Haslem is a 41% shooter this season

  2. Tas was killin’ LeBron for passing.

  3. With all this new stuff coming out of the MIT Sloan Conference every year and the optical tracking data that’s slowly becoming a tool for bball geeks, you would think that we’ll eventually have a definitive answer for plays like the Lebron to Haslem final shot. How well does Bron shot when he’s facing a double team at the elbow vs. how well Haslem shoots open 18-footers.

    Also, I don’t think it matters that Lebron was “hot”. That seems to be a myth that has been pretty well debunked.

  4. I don’t think Tas was really killing Lebron, he recognized that he made the “correct” play (Haslem has been an above average shooter on long twos for a while now).
    I do agree w/ Tas that he should have kept the ball. It wasn’t a true double team, he was past Howard and only had Millsap in front of him. For Lebron, beating Millsap off the dribble is a pretty routine play. The open lane is highlighted in this post:

    • Without having even seen the play, it seemed to me that Tas had it right… Passing or taking a contested 2 just weren’t his only option. Your link makes it obvious. I mean : how good is LeBron when attacking the basket compared to anything or anyone else?

      Right now, LeBron just doesn’t want that last shot.
      He needs blinders like horses to forget about the quarter in which he is. His game totally changes in the last two minutes in a “clutch” situation. To his defense, most NBA players suffer the same illness, but the dropoff just isn’t as big as with the best player in the game.

      Seriously, if LeBron plays as well in the 4th quarter as through the rest of the game, then, to quote Kenny “the Jerk” Smith : “It’s over! It’s over ladies and gentlemen”… I mean, the guy would have won basketball, period.

  5. Let’s kill LeBron for making the right basketball play and passing it to a wide open, good mid-range shooter while LeBron himself was being double-teamed. Smart.

  6. Um. Rondo wins the weekend. and the pointguard position. and the intergalatic swag awards.

    • ..tough times for Unit 194/C, the superfly cyborg from 136199 Eris, who narrowly lost out to rondo in the ISAs for the second time.

  7. Tas is right, Lebron waited for the double team. Assuming it was a play, why wasn’t it run for Lebron? Double or not, it’s the better option. Haslem didn’t look comfortable taking it.

  8. I think it was friend of TBJ Sean Grande that was the first to point out Rondo’s national TV stat on Twitter. I’d go look it up but I DON’T NEED TO SHOW MY WORK MRS. TRAMMELL!

  9. Tas argued for Lebron to take the ball to the rack against Utah instead of pass. I like that play under normal circumstances, but refs usually swallow the whistle there and I think you’re looking at an awkward left handed lay up/hook. I’d rather have him rise up and shoot that 12/15 foot jumper there instead of passing.

  10. No Lakers has winners of the weekend? The team looks good, the bench players are contributing! They beat the Heat! Come on Skeets and Tas!

  11. We’re all winners as Kenneth Faired is getting more and more burn. Ask your boy Bonner what it’s like rebounding against him. He got eaten alive out there. Bonner Party.

  12. I agree with Tas, that a little closer and tougher shot for Lebron would have been better than Haslem taking that jumper. However, judging from the replay (since we aren’t in the huddle), it looks like that play was run for Haslem (Bosh when he’s in there). Lebron doesn’t even take a look at driving, so I assume that was never an option.

    • Come on, really now, it’s Lebron’s team. It’s ALWAYS an option for Lebron to drive to the basket if he feels like it. It doesn’t matter what play was called, if the double team is coming weak, and there’s a chance for Lebron to take a shot closer to the hoop or even to just pull up and shoot before the defense has time to challenge, then he should take it. That should always be his mindset. Passing the ball should be plan B, not plan A.

      But looking at the replay, it’s obvious that passing was plan A. Lebron had no thought whatsoever to try and create a shot for himself. He should have been thinking “okay, I’m gonna try and get a shot if they don’t double me hard, and if they do then Haslem is there.” Instead he thinks “okay, they’re probably gonna double me, so I can pass to Haslem and I won’t get any blame because I was being doubled.” Too bad his plan failed because that was a weak ass double team and he actually only had one Paul Milsap in front of him. But it was too late because he already had it in his mind not to take a shot.

      He is, without a doubt, afraid to take the last shot now. And before you ask, yes I AM psychic and I knew exactly what Lebron was thinking.

  13. Some of those assists Rondo got credit for were awfully generous. I’m not saying home team scorekeepers inflate assist numbers, but let’s remember Chris Paul averaged a whole extra assist in New Orleans vs on the road.

  14. How are rondo and dwill not winners?

  15. Back to the Lebron/Utah debate. UD is shooting 19% on 10 – 15 foot jumpers, and 39% 16-23 feet out. I’m sorry but passing to him there is not the right basketball play. If it’s Bosh there then I agree the pass was right.

  16. What’s lost in this whole thing – and why the LeBron criticism drives me nuts – the guy was frickin insane in this game. 35-10-6 plus 3 blocks and zero turnovers. Shot a nice percentage as well. As you guys said, you can’t pin this game on him. If you’re going to point the finger, point it at Wade. LeBron is the reason they even had a shot here.

    I agree that it’s a double team he could have beaten, but he only has a split second to decide. When he sees it coming, if he knows Haslem is going to be wide open, then that’s the right play. If you make the right play all the time, then I’d have to think you end up winning more games than you would by a guy just deciding ahead of time that he’s going to shoot no matter what.

    Isn’t that the whole Kobe thing that Abbott was talking about last year? We remember when guys hit those tough shots, but it’s better for them to make the right play. And people need to forget about the All-Star game. That doesn’t matter at all.

  17. I think what has been overlooked about this play is that it’s a team building/uniting play–it shows that Lebron trusts his teammates with the game on the line.

    In my opinion, the regular season should be focused a lot more on the process than actual wins. This, of course, isn’t to diminish the importance of wins and playoff seeding but making the right play and doing everything to hone that team’s chemistry is every bit as important.

    Of course, you can spin this to the perspective that Lebron wants to shed responsibility, but, personally, I don’t buy any of that.

    Because regardless of whether or not he shoots or passes the ball if the ball doesn’t go in he fails. So he loses either way and he almost definitely realizes this. I don’t think this is Lebron shying away from the big moment because he fully embraces it as soon as he gets the inbound pass and tries to make a play. He loses and gets chastised if his team loses so I think he’s just making what from his point of view is the right play.

    Now, whether or not this was the “right” basketball play is up for debate. I think that either way he makes a good play so the question comes down to which play would’ve been better. I would’ve rather had Lebron take the shot, but passing to a wide open Udonis Haslem is still a smart decision; if you wanted to put it in a quantitative comparison I’d say it was 55-45 in favor of a red hot Lebron taking the shot.

    I think it is telling that Lebron chose to pass the ball, but even more telling of the incredible double standard and standard that we hold Lebron to. It’s understandable, but just barely.

    • Yeah, see, what’s wrong with that argument is that it’s better for the team’s near future (ie this year’s playoffs) if LeBron learns how to make the right decision, or if he lerns how to score at a high % in those situations. It’s highly likely that he’ll have that opportunity in the playoffs versus a Haslem 18-footer. At least, it’s what you would want in this situation.

      I’m all for building up teammates confidence, but you do that quarters 1 trough 3, and Lebron does the exact opposite 8even assuming you’re right). Also, Haslem is a fucking pro, he doesn’t need to be integrated to the team, he’s co-captain. I don’t know why he’s not making shots this year, but I wouldn’t bet on a confidence pproblem.

      Again, making a pass is a great play if it’s for a higher % shot that what you could get… Nash (for instance) doesn’t just “pass away”, he provokes, reads and reacts. LeBron can be quite good at this if his mindset is to scorre first, or at least to get near the paint, which could make the D collapse.

      And about that “wide open” thing, I’d agree if he had more time… The wide open needs to be wider for Haslem, especially this year.

  18. Did you notice how liberally the Celtics scoring people handed out assists to Rondo? Not to take anything away from what was a great performance, but he got a few that probably weren’t assists

  19. So Rondo has one of the all-time greatest games in NBA history, and you guys don’t mention him until the last two minutes of the show? In fact there was more time spent talking about Grant Hill than Rondo’s game.

    I love the fluff and the playful banter back and forth. It’s a really fun show. But when something that awesome happens in the weekend, and you barely give it the coverage it deserves, it just sucks.

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