Ten “NBA” activities. Two competitive hosts. One epic grudge match. Watch Skeets and Tas fight their way through NBA Jam Session, the most interactive event of All-Star Weekend in Orlando, for the fourth year in a row.

Place your bets!

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Comments (16)

  1. J.E. Skeets is all-athleticism. Built for these contests. Melas is a more cerebral player

    • Agreed. Skeets would have a stellar workout against a chair, a la Yi Jianlian. Tas, on the other hand, would have led Division II hoops in rebounding four straight years and the question would be whether he could produce against elite talent.

  2. Wow, Skeets you got a sweet jump shot, nice skills, I’m impressed

  3. This video is FAKE!!! Its obvious because Skeets can’t actually do a push up.

  4. Holy cow, Skeets whooped out the FINGAHGUNZ

  5. Tas.. Second place isnt that bad… Wait, there were only 2 players? why didnt Trey play?

    • Trey dunking on an 8ft rim…?! Isn’t he 8ft tall or something….?

      Hm second that – I’d pay to see Tas and Skeets dunk off against a giant.

  6. Wow, I am so glad you guys did this. I was worried that you might have skipped the Jam Session this year, which would have been a shame because this is by far my favorite part of the all star weekend coverage.

  7. That still shot in the beggining of Skeets going between the legs had all pumped.

  8. Absolute gold. I’m not sure what my favourite part was (it was all so good) but the pity pass by the skills competition guy for Tas had me in tears!

  9. Tas, face it – you’re Charles Barkley. Great player that had never won an All Star Jam Session.

  10. skeets KILLING the windmill of glass

  11. I’m sure I’m not the first to ask, but what is the song at the start of these videos?

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