Ballin: Derrick Rose went for 35, four boards and eight rebounds and didn’t even have the second-best line of the night. That went to Deron Williams’ 57 points and 29 shots, which still falls short of Rajon Rondo’s 18-17-20 triple-double because those are huge numbers. He’s the first dude since Magic Johnson to put up at least 17 in all three categories, which should be enough to convince you.

Not so much: According to Dwane Casey, yesterday’s Raptors-Warriors game “set basketball back a few years,” so they seem like a good choice.

Love/hate: Loved this Andre Iguodala move, hated that it was against the Bulls.

Somewhere in San Antonio, Manu Ginobili is nodding in approval.

Too tough: The Suns have trailed by double-digits at some point in each of their last three games, all of which turned out to be Phoenix wins. I know it’s working out OK, but I just feel like there has to be a better way. Like, you know, not getting down by double-digits, maybe.

Shoulder lean, shoulder lean: You’ve seen fadeaways and you’ve seen leaners, but this is a leaning sideways fadeaway, which is sure to become all the rage.

Have to agree with Mike D’Antoni on this one — “I don’t know if that’s execution. That’s having a horseshoe up your rear.”

Reset button: Dwyane Wade’s foul out, his first since October 29, 2008, came after 259 straight games of not fouling out. Streaks are silly anyways, so no big deal.

It’s not your fault: Manu Ginobili seems to be taking the Spurs’ loss a little too personal: “We’ve been playing really well, then I come back and we lose. So it’s not a great feeling.” It’s OK, man. Teams lose sometimes. It’s not just because you came back. Cheer up.

Surrounded but alone: This is what it looks like when you’re team gets stunned in overtime.

Don’t feel too bad for this bro. He’s wearing a Patrick Ewing jersey so he’s used to coming up short in the clutch.

Other things: Shout out to Chris Paul for being great at basketball … More evidence that Donald Sterling is the worst — he allegedly consulted a prostitute on Clippers personnel moves … This is called the Lee-Ellis Connection and Leigh Ellis loves it … Watch out for flying Jared Dudleys (Dudlies?) … Chris Kaman doesn’t care where he’s traded as long as they have gun shops … Lamar Odom is back and he’s mad sorry for all that weird stuff that was happening