It’s kind of surprising you don’t see more NBA players use the smash-a-guy-in-the-face-then-dribble-around-him move because it is very effective. Maybe it’s not taught at Pete Newell’s big man camp but I think they should add it to the curriculum.

Also, Chris Andersen should get a tattoo of a basketball on his face, just to commemorate this moment. I assume he’s already planned the design.

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  1. Sooooo many great things about this video!!!

    The head-shot, the drive, the dunk itself, the fact that Birdman didn’t go down but stayed in the play and even went for the blok, the wrestling move to the ground by Duncan, the hard fould at the other end, Duncan being a great guy for making sure that Lawson was still in one piece after the foul…. And last but not least someone tell Duncan it’s not ’99 anymore.

    This video made my day!!!!

  2. Rare footage of TD not arguing a foul call.

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