Last night, Al Jefferson set his career-high in assists. The magic number? Seven.

Just seven. Not a huge number, but for a guy who’s tallied five or more assists just 13 times in his 523 game career, that’s a huge number. Al’s a great player, but passing isn’t his forte.

However, after last night’s passing explosion, Earl Watson has a great idea for Big Al. From the AP:

“I’m trying to get Al Jefferson in the skills challenge,” joked guard Earl Watson. “Did you see him out there? That’s why he’s my client. I’m going viral with the campaign starting tomorrow.”

I have been on the internet all day and have yet to see a single Earl Watson-helmed piece of propaganda at getting Al Jefferson in next year’s skills challenge, so I am starting to think he might be joking. I know the path to skills comp greatest is long and arduous, but that’s why Earl needs to get his ducks in a row and really start rolling out relevant content. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. Following a seven assist game is the perfect time to start making moves.

Because seriously, we all joke that it would be awesome to see big guys in the skills challenge, but Al Jefferson might be the funniest guy to see weaving in and out of those cones. I imagine he’d finish the thing off with a fundamentally sound dropstep, which would be great. Not to mention, he’s 0-for-23 for his career from three. I am very on board with this proposition.

But Earl Watson’s dropping the ball. If he’s not going to seriously lead this charge, then someone on the internet needs to take it over. It was the internet that got Jeremy Evans in the dunk contest, and the internet that helped him win it. Why shouldn’t it do the same for his Utah Jazz teammate? #LetAlPass #Swag #EarlofWatson