“Hey, what’s Greg Ostertag up to these days?” — you, after realizing his D-League audition didn’t really amount to anything

This, from PR Newswire:

7’2″ Former NBA and University of Kansas center Greg Ostertag may be retired from basketball but he is dominating the competition when it comes to his business skills.   Ostertag has been named Director of Sales for Smokehouse Salt Co.

That’s what Greg Ostertag is up to these days.

(via Matt Bailey)

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  1. In this picture, he reminds me of Arnold Vosloo. Maybe Ostertag should go to Hollywood instead of the D-league.

  2. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever hear Greg Ostertag’s name again in my life. That’s why TBJ exists.

    Next up it’ll be either Bonzi Wells, Keon Clark or Moochie Norris.

  3. Is he wearing pants?

  4. During the intro music to the Daily Fix, he sings something like “If I love you to death” I’m not sure of the next line, but I always mentally sing “Will you Ostertag me” I know it doesn’t say that orwhat it means but as you’ve posted about the big man I thought I’d share this random anomily

  5. Ostertag is the spice of life.

  6. “Hey, what’s Greg Ostertag up to these days?”

    After seeing those pictures from his D-League tryouts I’d say he’s up to about 375.

  7. you know greg ostertag is one of only three players to ever wear #39 in nba

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