Ballin: Kevin Love is so good right now. 39 points, 17 rebounds, 5-10 from three, two assists and that’s coming on the heels of a 42-10 night. Not sure if credit goes to his beard or Brad Miller, so I say we split it 50-50.

Not so much: Danny Granger went 4-12 for 11 points, grabbed one rebound and had two turnovers and was blocked twice in 31 minutes of play. (PS He makes $9 million more dollars than anyone on the Pacers not named David West.)

The air down there: This counts as a Brad Miller highlight.

I have never been more convinced of anything in my life than the fact that Brad Miller was airing out a fart right here.

Bad start: In the first 7:10 of the second half, the Pacers starters were outscored by 14 points. That’s why Joakim Noah had to pull out the finger guns.

Close call: Jameer Nelson has no idea how close he was to winning a lucrative sexual harassment lawsuit.

Tas recorded that because he’s Mr. Magic. Good catch by a solid bro.

Best season ever: Another classic JaVale McGee whoopsy daisy.

Sign bomb: Happy birthday to Tage from Chicago Bulls announcers Stacey King and Neil Funk.

What are you doing?: Great end-of-game possession by the Mavericks.

I’m with Dirk on this one.

Whaaaa…: Dikembe Mutombo cannot believe it. He just can’t believe it. I don’t even know what “it” is, but I promise you Dikembe can’t believe it.

Slump like Outkast: The 76ers have won two of their last 10 games. They’ve mostly lost to good teams — Bulls, Magic, Grizzlies, Rockets, Thunder and cetera — but if you’re losing to good teams, that means you’re probably not a good team. It’s called the transitive property (maybe) and I learned it in high school geometry.

Other things: This is how you do a Jeremy Lin t-shirt … Get a body on Nic Batum … Does Metta World Peace think he’s one of the best defenders ever? Silly question … Smart decision by DeMar DeRozan to get out of the way of this Dwight Howard slammajamma. You don’t want to accidentally break a finger by trying to block something this fierce … Here is Tony Allen barking like a dog, as you would expect

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  1. The gif. of the Mutumbo is pretty priceless…

  2. Brad Miller is totally airing out.

  3. Hey Trey, I thought you’d like to include this clip in your Javale Mcgee Highlight Reel at the end of the season.

  4. The master of the crazy face strikes again! So good!

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