On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss D’Antoni’s decision to go back to his starters, Amar’e's defense on Dirk, ‘Melo’s rough night, Hack-a-Mack, Stan Van Gundy’s health, Gerald Henderson’s potential, and Kobe’s black mask and shot selections. All that, plus the return of “The Lin Report,” a look at the Western Conference playoff race, and John Legend’s entire discography. Let’s go to the park, people.

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Comments (17)

  1. Shame on Tas for picking Miami -10.5 against the Hawks!

  2. Dudes, I agree. With the way he was picking apart Detroit, Bynum could have gone for 50. I put that on Mike Brown – he should have pushed the offense to continue to funnel through the bigs. And apparently the resurgence of MWP was short lived…oh well.

    Did the Mamba turn in his Superhero status and become a Supervillain? Sweet new artwork of “Evil Mamba” on the LetsGoLakeshow website!


  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed harder at The Fix than when Matt disappeared behind Trey

  4. @JD
    Could it be possible to push the audio volume up a little on the youtube video ? It’s way below average.

  5. You guys are staying at the driskill for SXSW? That’s a great hotel/location. See ya there

    Also, best Lin report ever

  6. As for MWP would the lakers trade him for kleiza and would the raps do it?

  7. I love the passion and gut Bynum is displaying lately demanding the ball in the post time after time. The only person that could stop him last night was kobe Bryant just jerking up the ball.

  8. Jones-ers, I have to thank you. For years, I dreamed the impossible dream: That I’d find a woman who appreciated NBA basketball the way I do. Over and over, I watched women roll their eyes as I discussed the vagaries of the pick and roll and the importance of communication on defense. I had lost hope until my latest girlfriend, Eryn (because spelling it with an “i” is played out) started to take to the game, thanks to the confluence of three factors:
    – The presence of a legitimate shoe culture in the NBA
    – Amare Stoudemire’s Judaism
    – The Basketball Jones.

    Though I listed you last, you may well be the most important factor, what with Dancing Hedo and your propensity for John Legend deep tracks. So for this I thank you, and for all the other Jones fans out there: There is hope. What once seemed impossible can indeed be reality, thanks to a team of plucky Canadians and a disconcertingly large American. Thanks, Jones. Thanks for all you do.

    • the world is beautiful sometimes… the best of luck to you folks :-)

      ps oh by the way @tas i think those maybe… aren’t your colours? personally, i think you look way cooler in a jeans kind of look, or, of course, go all amy winehouse and therefore back to black. just sayin’.

  9. I can just hear Tas saying to the rest of the gang that “I’m the most romantic dude any of you know!”

  10. Lol, DNP-Bloated, nice one Skeets, totally made my day

  11. Ditch the Lin Report unless he is doing something special… a waste of 5 mins today particularly.

  12. Tas, you didn’t like the Roots/Jlegend album? Their re-make of Hard Times is GOLD!

  13. In terms of playoff race Portland should drop out, they got pieces and could look at trading up at draft time.

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