Somehow, Earl Watson has had an 11-year NBA career, despite never once posting an above average PER or playing 30 minutes a game. In fact, just thinking back, there is really only one highlight of his that I vividly remember, a one-handed no-look pass that left the Earl spinning after he threw it. This was back in his Sonics days and it’s not on YouTube, but it’s the one I remember, even though the internet says there have been others. What I’m trying to get at is that Earl Watson has had a pretty unmemorable career for a guy who’s played more than a decade.

But he has played more than a decade, which is impressive since you don’t accidentally play 10 years in the league. And since Earl’s done that, he’s seen a lot of youngsters come and go. This latest batch of Jazz kids has him totally baffled. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Yesterday they went to Mall of America, and I didn’t go because I’m fighting over this cold; I’m finally feeling better. But they told me they rode rollercoasters. And I’m, what? They’re like, ‘You would of rode them, too.’ And I’m like, ‘Naw, I wouldn’t have rode them.’ I wouldn’t have gotten on a rollercoaster. ‘How old are you, like teenagers?’ So it is like a disconnect somewhere along the line. It’s not all the way parallel. That was weird. I’m glad I didn’t go.”


“Jeremy took us on a walk through Sacramento that — I’ll never follow him again. Me and Burks will never follow him. He said we was going to the mall. We went through this deserted ghost town. I don’t know where we was going. We crossed the train tracks, went across the bridge, some more train tracks, and then realized we could’ve just walked straight across the street. So we followed him. You got to ask Burks. Then he took us through this tunnel, and then he said we was going to the mall. We got to the mall and there was like two people in the mall. Two people. That’s not a mall. We don’t know. We’re still trying to figure it out. It was the most unsafe walk I’ve had since I was a kid. That’s the last time we follow him. Never again. Cabs from this point.”

I never would have guessed it, but apparently Danny Glover is going to play Earl Watson in the sure-to-be-made TV movie of the Utah Jazz’s 2011-12 season. The look might be a bit off, but the temperament is perfect. Other roles have not yet been cast, but there are rumors that Derek Luke is attached to play C.J. Miles since he cannot pass up the opportunity to appear in a sports movie.

The Jazz are in a weird position, which I think this kind of illustrates. They have four important players who are 21 or younger, but then they also have a few guys who are younger than they seem (Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, C.J. Miles) and some that are older than they seem (Devin Harris, Josh Howard) mixed in with glue guys who might be more appropriate on better teams. It’s like they’re rebuilding while trying not to be rebuilding. I don’t know if you can reload after a 39-win season, but that’s kind of what it seems like the Jazz are trying to do post-Deron Williams.

But really, this is mostly about an old man seeing his life pass him by. Once upon a time, Earl Watson was a bright-eyed rookie who rode rollercoasters and got lost walking to the mall, but now he’s a 32-year-old fossil who gets chest pains even thinking about theme parks. At least he still has that youthful goatee.

(via Ananth Pandian)