Ballin: The Detroit Pistons and the Charlotte Bobcats both won last night, which is an amazing, amazing feat considering they’re won 24 percent of their games combined. Perhaps more amazing is the fact that this is actually the second time this has happened this season. If it happens a third time, Elden Campbell returns to the NBA, as the legend foretold.

Not so much: Not only did the Magic become just the fifth team to lose to the Bobcats, but they also became just the fifth team to allow the Cats to score 100 points in a game. They join the Warriors and Knicks as the only teams to have done both, which is not an honor you want to win.

Human meme: Here’s a referee just being super professional to Dirk Nowitzki, just getting his sixth grade on asking Dirk over and over, “Do you want to go?”

Between this and ripping that kid’s arm out of its socket, great internet night from Dirk. Nice work.

Solid analysis: Deron Williams on the Nets’ loss to the Heat — “This team is better than us and they came out and played like it. No reason to analyze it.” OK denn. Moving on.

Technology is a dead bird: Chris Webber hates your kitschy phone handset.

Do you guys remember “fronting?” Chris Webber does (so does Pharrell) and he HATES it. Stop fronting.

Old on old: Kevin Garnett grabbed his 13,100th rebound last night, good for 12th all-time. Doc Rivers, however, wasn’t impressed: “I think when you’re old, you have a milestone every night.” And when you’re on the Celtics, they probably always give you a video tribute. Double burn.

Still the same: Even if they won a game and scored 100 points at the same time, these first two “highlights” from the Bobcats’ win prove that they are still the Bobcats.

Paul Silas’ face is the correct reaction to these plays.

Other things: Kobe Bryant busted out a real cool mask last night, but it only lasted for a half because it was so slippery. Classic mask mistake … Mario Chalmers threw an alley-oop to Eddy Curry from well beyond the three-point arc last night and it actually worked … Jeremy Tyler is back … Kyrie Irving isn’t going to play for Australia because he wants to play for Team USA and he likes me better than Leigh … Brook Lopez “rolled his ankle real bad” and is going to be out for a while, which is really great for his trade value