It’s funny how winning a game can make people totally forget that a player totally boatsed an easy play that would have won his team the same game, just five minutes earlier. But we saw you, Rajon Rondo, missing that wide-open layup with 14 seconds left. We totally saw you.

And so did Luis Scola, who was shocked Rondo could blow such an easy layup. From the AP:

“The fact that we were in overtime was very lucky. What are the chances that Rondo misses a wide-open layup with nobody close to him?” Scola said.

Well, we can’t really know the metaphorical “chances,” but we can know that Hoopdata says he makes 64 percent of his shots at the rim, though that factors in everything and not just breakaways. And we can know that there are quite a few results for “rondo misses layup” in YouTube, and that he’s often passed up layups for no real reason.

Putting all those things together, I guess we can say it’s a tossup when Rajon Rondo has a wide-open layup. Maybe he’ll make it, maybe he’ll miss it, maybe he’ll pass it to pad his assist numbers, maybe he’ll get really moody and wear an upside down headband — who knows? When Rajon Rondo is on a breakaway, everything is on the table.

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  1. Trey, your rondo-hating bulls fan bias is showing.

    • I really hope you’re being sarcastic. I mean honestly, what part of “botches wide-open, game-sealing layup” isn’t true?

      • I almost always assume things like this are sarcasm because it saves me from punching walls repeatedly.

      • Right. There’s no one in front of him, which is wide-open, and making a layup to go up four with 14 seconds is pretty game-sealing. That being said, I do hate Rondo.

        • I don’t understand the Rondo-hate. He’s a legitimately weird basketball player. Not just “mildly quirky, for an athlete” but actually weird. That seems like the kind of thing TBJ would like.

        • Its not about the post about his epic failure at a crucially easy layup. I don’t care if you point out his failure but its the comments at the end. And he barely gets a passing glance when he strings together a few monster games. You are my favorite TBJer but you always make it clear that you do not like Rondo and its annoying as a celtics fan.

          • There are a myriad of reasons to hate Rondo. Especially if you’re a Bulls fan.

            The Hinrich incident.
            The Brad Miller incident.
            His general dirty play.
            His inconsistent play.
            His sulking.
            His arrogance.
            His complete lack of fun personality.
            His horrible shooting.
            His passing up fast break open shots to simply register an assist.

            Seriously, I’m amazed on this play he didn’t wait for another player to come by for an easy assist. It’s every coaches worst nightmare. There’s a reason he’s getting shopped around, and it’s nothing to do with his skills.

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