Did you know that you’re not considered a true Minnesotan until you’ve gone ice fishing? That is (probably) true, and it’s the main reason Marko Jaric was never welcomed in the Twin Cities. Well, that and his aversion to the state’s legendary delicacy, Deep-Fried Foods That Aren’t Normally Deep-Fried.

Additionally, each Timberwolves rookie class is required to perform at least one winter sport before they are accepted in to the team’s locker room. For whatever reason, we’re still waiting for video of Nikola Pekovic’s polar bear plunge to surface. Though to be fair, he wasn’t doing it as part of last year’s rookie hazing. He just wanted to go for a swim.

(via How to Make It)

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  1. Derrick Williams wearing a Stars hat… looking good, Rook. Gotta cross some Ts on that Jamaal Crawford for Luke Ridnour deal and get Leezy back in the big TC from Sioux Falls asap.

    Although, this isn’t the only fishy thing the Wolves are up to lately goo.gl/V3EqG

  2. I can’t belive I watched this whole video… That is one weird and lazy way to fish…

  3. “Oh baby fish. Don’t bite it. Don’t bite it, your gonna die.”

    this needs to be a t-shirt.

  4. excuse me, “Oh poor fishy, don’t bite it…”

    awesome. only more reason to root for the wolves to make it to the playoffs.

  5. Marko Jaric married Adrianna Lima so I doubt he cares about what kind of welcome he gets in Minnesota.

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