Big ups to the NBA for packaging all the game-winning shots together so you can see all the evidence clearly presented and then make an educated decision. Very nice of them.

However, for some reason they didn’t include Isaiah Thomas’ steal and dish to John Salmons in that real, possibly because they fell asleep during the late game. Can’t blame them there.

But now that you’ve seen all of their various game-winning performances, you have a very tough choice to make. Is it Kyrie’s Tyus Edney-ish dash to the rim, Jordan Farmar’s wide-open knockdown, Derrick Rose’s step back and snarl or the Kings’ miracle steal and dish? Hard to choose, but I will present you one additional piece of evidence that might sway your decision. From the AP:

“He picked me up fullcourt and I take it as a test when people pick me up fullcourt,” Irving said. “The lane opened up when I got down there, it was a tough shot, but my teammates willed it in.”

That’s right — Kyrie Irving says he teammates willed in his game-winning shot despite the fact he was the only one who touched the ball on the entire possession. Makes all the sense in the world, and then some. I’d almost consider voting for him just because that statement is so hilariously over-humble. Sure Kyrie, it was definitely Samardo Samuels’ brain who made that go in.

But the choice is yours. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.