Big ups to the NBA for packaging all the game-winning shots together so you can see all the evidence clearly presented and then make an educated decision. Very nice of them.

However, for some reason they didn’t include Isaiah Thomas’ steal and dish to John Salmons in that real, possibly because they fell asleep during the late game. Can’t blame them there.

But now that you’ve seen all of their various game-winning performances, you have a very tough choice to make. Is it Kyrie’s Tyus Edney-ish dash to the rim, Jordan Farmar’s wide-open knockdown, Derrick Rose’s step back and snarl or the Kings’ miracle steal and dish? Hard to choose, but I will present you one additional piece of evidence that might sway your decision. From the AP:

“He picked me up fullcourt and I take it as a test when people pick me up fullcourt,” Irving said. “The lane opened up when I got down there, it was a tough shot, but my teammates willed it in.”

That’s right — Kyrie Irving says he teammates willed in his game-winning shot despite the fact he was the only one who touched the ball on the entire possession. Makes all the sense in the world, and then some. I’d almost consider voting for him just because that statement is so hilariously over-humble. Sure Kyrie, it was definitely Samardo Samuels’ brain who made that go in.

But the choice is yours. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. Space Ghost, coast-to-coast. Kyrie for the win (again).

    • I thought I was the only person that said space ghost for coast to coast plays. I say ” he space ghosted him”…awesome!

  2. Irving’s required the most skill and D-Rose probably had the hardest shot, but I’ll say Farmar just because game-winning treys never get old.

    • I like Farmar’s purely for having the cajones to go for the win instead of for the tie. Bold move but a pretty fun one for the fan.

  3. PIcking the best game winnner is like picking the best dunk, no one right answer is always evident.

    I think since they didn’t have the ball, The Kings’s was most impressive since they had to make two good plays on off and def (steal & score)

    Irving’s was most difficult/individually impressive, running the full lenght and then with tough finish inside. Skeets was right, very Drose like.

    Speaking of agreeing with Skeets and Drose, His was the most visually impressive. It really looked like how you dream to take the last shot when you where in your driveway. Definition of a buzzer beater. I’m a bulls fan so it still pumps me up.

    Ieast impresed with Nets 3pter ending since the Clips played such bad def, leavintg farmar open is so dumb. That all he can do is hit open shots, that’s what he’s supposed to do. Still awesome tho…

  4. The Isaiah Thomas steal looks very similar to Larry Bird’s famous steal+assist. The inbounder? Isiah Thomas! Coincidence? Or is Isaiah Thomas the Anti-Isiah Thomas? hmmm…

  5. To start I am bias, life-long Bulls fan. However, the thing about Rose is that everyone knew it was coming, even my girl said, “Rose’s shot” with the last play yet to happen. Yet, despite the writing on the wall, Rose didn’t shine away from the moment. I know Irving didn’t either, but he also surprised everyone b going coast to coast, by using his incredible talents and Lawson’s overplaying defense against him. Amazing shot, especially for a rookie. However, my case for Rose is that he was shooting terrible after having a hot start, went 5-5 initially, before swooshing his buzzer beater. He said, “I have amnesia”, so he doesn’t get fazed by his sub-par shooting previous to the final seconds, instead he nailed the hardest shot he took all night. Also, his shot was a true buzzer beater game winner, if rarity means anything.

    Finally, Stacey King killed the call, with his line, “let me step back and kiss myself”. Perfection for this Bull.

  6. clearly, the d-rose buzzer beater is the best.

    for those who think irving’s play is better: the full court “pressure” was basically useless after a few steps – by the time irving reached half-court, he was passed his man; furthermore, nene’s late attempt to fill the lane allowed for a relatively open lay-up.

    d-rose, on the other hand, held the ball a perfect amount of time, and had to make a hard sidestep to the left in order to get enough space to get a shot off. jennings was playing good d all the way through the possession.

    farmar’s wide open three is impressive only because it shows how badly the clippers defended that possession.

    the second best buzzer beater would have to go the kings for reasons mentioned above – having to get possession back, and then score quickly.

    • So your saying irving so was quick that he took both Affalo and Nene, the teams two best defenders, out of the equation? Rose was beneficiary of bad coaching letting him go one on one with undersized jennings. Clearly the most visually pleasing but not most dificult. I’m a diehard bulls fan but I think Irving’s shot was harder. Kings still had hardest obstacles to overcome.

  7. Isiah Thomas, because they didn’t have the ball, came from behind to win it and the guy’s undersized!

  8. I’ll say D Rose not only because I am a bulls fan but I have a real soft spot for game winning buzzer beaters. I want to watch the entire team rush the floor and then have noah try and break Rose’s neck with a hug.

  9. wow those commentators are awful, especially in the DRose clip, sort it out NBA

  10. D-Rose, because I’m a Bucks fan and didn’t want them winning more games and taking balls out of the draft machine.

  11. It’s gotta be Rose. He had it in his mind to take the last shot and make sure there would be no more time left on the clock. Jennings was sticking to him the entire time. So Rose steps back and shoots a tough fadeaway and it goes in at the buzzer. It was an amazing shot.

    IMO, the only thing that makes this even a question is because if Rose would have missed, then the game would have just gone to overtime. So it not being a do-or-die situation brings the intensity down a little. But it was still the most impressive shot. LeBron should take some notes.

  12. TBJ-

    Have you guys considered uploading non-YouTube videos to your site? Lots of offices ban YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and other bandwidth guzzling sites. I’d love to see what you’re talking about, instead of feeling like Stevie Wonder.

    Much love,
    NBA stat freak

  13. Farmar holding the follow through with a perfect snap of the net. That was perfection.

  14. Isaiah for me – good cover to even set up that pass, great anticipation to tip it, great concentration and vision to catch it, stay in bounds and hit the cutter for the lay-in.

  15. hate to be an ass, but i think it’s reel, not real. D-Rose’s was just dirty.

  16. I like the Irving play the best, going coast-to-coast is always impressive. However, like you guys said on the show, a shot with no time remaining is always better to watch. Seeing the Bulls run to halfcourt with Rose makes that shot pretty awesome as well.

  17. it almost looks as if Rose traveled, he had the push with the right foot and then landed on both feet

  18. D-Rose. Those long-dribble multiple-crossover 22-foot-fadeaway jumpers never go in. I was shocked to see it go in. Plus it was the only buzzer-beater, you can’t beat a buzzer beater.

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