On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Wolves’ playoff push, a horrible make-up call against the Blazers, whether Barea is a good fit in Minny, Evan Turner in the starting rotation, the Celtics’ OT excuse, and a bunch of game winners, including Rose’s step-back, Farmar’s three, and Irving’s coast-to-coast. All that, plus a huge “Wanker of the Week,” camo-pants, and a little SxSW plug. (See you soon, Austin, Texas.)

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Comments (6)

  1. Skyfrog would be a fitting nickname for Russell Westbrook.

  2. Zooey is amazing in New Girl, Skeets…what a hater.

  3. Totally agreed on Tas’ rant on the Blazers. I’ve just been expecting them to lose every game by double digits so I won’t be disappointed anymore. I really hope they decide to blow it up and rebuild here. The team is inconsistent and most of the key pieces are just too old.

  4. I’m sick of all this T’wolves talk.

    I love Zooey!

  5. If Beasley’s available at such a discount, why wouldn’t the C’s get him? God only knows that they need help off the bench, rebounding, scoring…I’d understand if they want to keep assets for off-season moves, or to get a solid young player from a deep draft, but…the starters need help, and Beasley would.

  6. oh my god is tas right about the nets jerseys – i hate the normal ones! but no one can hate something dr. j actually wore, so yeah way to go new york nets!

    also, zooey is amazing.

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