Have you ever woke up wondering whether Evan Turner prefers Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? Me neither. I swear.

But if you’re one of those few people who probably have wondered such a thing, today is your lucky day. This totally settles it. From the 700 Level:

Yeah, the Backstreet Boys? They just made album after album. Hits, you know. ‘N Sync only had…what was it…it wasn’t Celebrity, it was No Strings Attached. Which was amazing from front to back. And then Celebrity was just overrated. And then Backstreet Boys, they been going hard with Millennium, you know, Black and Blue and all that stuff, so they been on top for a while. They still make music today! They’re like a white Boyz II Men.

OK, so he is totally wrong because *NSYNC has stronger harmonies and are better dancers, but whatever. Evan Turner prefers the Backstreet Boys. Glad that’s settled.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. His street cred just dropped through the floor

  2. I agree about NSYNC being better dancers and having stronger melodies but Brian Littrell might be my favorite singer out of both groups and I think that Black & Blue album is underrated. Still, overall I’d take NSYNC.

  3. o yeah, BSB are still puttin out the hits to this day, they are treal , for ncrap it was all about the money,

  4. Great, i picked him up for my fantasy team yesterday, and now i have to drop him because he likes Backstreet boys and Nsync..

  5. NSYNC are the white New Edition.

  6. Don’t NSYNC have, as Evan Turner said, only a few hit songs and one hit album whereas BSB have like 5-7 of them albums?

    According to sales numbers, BSB are easily winning the argument : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_boy_bands

  7. #1. Boy Bands are the stupidest concepts created since trickle-down economics.
    #2. Guys publicly touting boy bands are clearly not finished asking themselves hard questions in the mirror.
    #3. Everyone knows Take That was far better and more underrated than either BSB or NSync

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