Mix a little bit of this…

…with a little bit of this and you have one horrible defensive player.

I can’t even decide which is the worst between these two. Is it worse to strip a ball then see the player hit a three in your face, or is it worse to have someone dunk on you while you’re hanging on their rim? It’s one of life’s eternal questions and I think it’ll go down in history as one of those chicken-egg things that people always debate. Just a classic dilemma.

(second video via Ben Golliver)

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  1. The Danilo one is hilarious. Shouldn’t that be some kind of interference rule – him just hanging around on his own rim?

  2. Show Amare from the Knicks-Mavs game. He was horrible on switches.

  3. …add a pinch of Melo(D) and a dash of Amar’e and you got yourself an anti-defensive juggernaut.

  4. I can’t believe I’m gonna be this guy: that was actually a smart move by Gallinari.

    Watch it really closely. It kinda looked for a second like Kyrie was about to run under him while he was in the air. That could have been a pretty nasty fall. It looks like he grabbed onto the rim to protect himself.

    Even so, it WAS still pretty darn funny.

    • Funny highlight and all, I have to agree… He just try to save himself or Irving from a very serious situation… SOmeone cutting under you at full speed.

      The Booz play is just mindblowing – he even waves his hands as if to say “C’mon”, like he didn’t diserve this.

    • Yeah that was actually smart by dano to avoid that collision.

  5. The Gallinari one is hilarious.

  6. Being dunked on while holding on to the rim! That’s just perfect.

  7. At least galo tried, boozer just yells at him. That is the definition of carlos boozer on def, that play pretty much sums it up.

  8. I think Boozer was upset because Gooden double dribbled. Still a very Boozer play though.

  9. as a bulls fan, i hate boozers defense. i remember when drew gooden was just a poor man’s boozer, now hes a younger cheaper version of boozer, hes making boozer look bad in more was than hitting a 3 over boozer’s effortless defense. but that dunk on galinari is just funny, and a good idea on irving’s part cause if galinari tried to block, he’d get called for goaltending, prolly get a goaltending call if irving missed the dunk as well, it was a free 2pts no matter what

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