You know you’ve missed a shot terribly when you start smiling a shameful smile immediately after the ball has left your hand. Surefire sign you’ve messed things up.

Another good way to tell is if the ball is sailing over the backboard and you just shot a layup.

Comments (5)

  1. Clearly he was going for the 25 point basket. Violators rule!

  2. Maybe he thought JaVale was trailing and went for the oop…? JaVale can catch taht ball, no worries.

  3. You know when a kid gets sick & loses his hair, then his classmates or teammates all shave their heads in a display of solidarity? The rest of the Wizards are just trying to make JaVale feel better.

  4. probably the next big trend in the nba: missing open layups in the worst way possible . young easily topped rondo

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