“Guess who we r playing tonight?!”Chris Kaman, who has a freezer full of dead mascot animals just in case he needs to tweet them

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  1. Dude had been saving those for the day he and the Clippers became a force in the West.

  2. Does he have dead pirates in his freezer for when he returns to play the Clippers? Or a frozen Darrell Bailey?

    Does he have ice cube trays full of water from Lake Michigan/Superior for when he plays the Lakers?

    I digress.

  3. Is there anyone more likely to randomly murder another human being than Chris Kaman?

  4. Ersan for MIP indeed! With Lowry out for a few weeks and Monroe buried in obscurity in Detroit, Ersan Ilyasova can continue to make a great case for MIP. It’s down to him, Pekovic and Ryan Anderson, imo.

  5. He claimed on twitter he killed it with a throwing star. I sort of hope I never meet Chris kaman.

  6. That cat should have called reggie evans. Kaman wouldn’t have messed with him. He would have him literally and figuratively by the balls

  7. Chris Kaman doesn’t look like a man I’d borrow money from.

  8. I love the detail that he has a germany shirt on… He’s just missing like an axe or something in his left hand to be the creepiest NBA player ever. Rodman still holds the title, for now…

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