On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Bulls’ offensive rebounding, Rose’s post-game comments, Melo’s mini-temper tantrum, the Clippers’ pace, CP3′s flopping, why Pekovic went off, Bismack Biyombo’s game-saving block, and T.J. Ford’s Twitter retirement. All that, plus a new round of Crossfire, which includes: the Wolves’ playoff chances (sans-Rubio), who will prove to be the best player from the 2010 NBA Draft Class, and, um, “tips” for picking your March Madness bracket.

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Comments (18)

  1. Bill Simmons….nice guy?

  2. This show needs to be longer :(

  3. You guys covered everything today. Great show.

  4. Derell Clipper is back !

    how could you forget about this HUGE news… :?

  5. I dont think any coaches should be fired this season, it’s just not fair. There was a nba lockout and teams basicallly only had two weeks of practice time together before the season started. There are teams out there still trying to figure out whats working and whats not working. (knicks, lakers, portland, clippers, etc).

  6. What do the Knicks have to do for you guys to criticize them without also making excuses for them?

    It’s getting pretty annoying at this point, just call it like it is.

  7. Comments like DRose’s sicken me. No superstar should be getting special treatment from the refs, and it’s sad that he thinks he’s due that treatment.

  8. ‘penetrate that man’ (awkward look), glad i stuck around for that gem. lol.

  9. Side note, Al jefferson was raised by his grandma. So it was like losing a parent.

  10. I want to comment on the DRose rant from a Bulls’ fan perspective. I thought in the Knicks game he was hacked a couple times and they didn’t call it, but overall the officiating was pretty solid. However, for the season and his career he has not gotten nearly as many free throws attempts and calls as a player of his caliber deserves. He is so strong, and stays in the air so long that he often absorbs contact and still makes the shot, or comes very close to making the shot.

    I think he is just frustrated about the lack of FTs and he is kinda beat up right now. I think the physical abuse is started to get to him, and he’s speaking up more because of it. It is not his nature to complain and bitch and moan like other players in the league…

  11. nice opening pic from the running with the bulls festival. thanks guys, it brings back good memories!

  12. Also, I’m disappointed in T. Kerby for being a White Sox fan. Chicago is a Cubs town; Always has been and always will be. Rooting for the White Sox is like rooting for Man City or the NY Mets. T. Epstein would never leave the Red Sox to join the White Sox is what I’m trying to get at lol

    • ManU is the worst and they should fucking burn in hell! don’t mention them in the same sentence as the Cubs please!

      • …or in the same context, since you didn’t technically mention them in the same senctence^^

  13. I havn’t watched many bulls games but from what I know of DRose’s character I think this game might have been the final straw. I watch the last half of this game and didn’t think he was getting treated unfairly. However I think this might just be boiled over from previous games. He seems like someone that doesn’t say anything when something goes wrong at first, he lets it fester and as it continually happens there comes a point where his anger just comes out. Think of the movie Anger Management with Adam Sandler.

  14. In the Bulls’ loss to Orlando last week, Rose attempted a whopping FOUR freethrows despite driving to the basket the entire game. His first trip to the line was in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Oh, and Rose had a poor shooting night that game, do you know why? Because he was missing layups. Layups that he normally would make, except he was getting hacked and not getting any calls.

    And then there was that game against the Bucks were Jennings grabbed Rose’s arm during the final minutes and caused Rose to lose the ball out of bounds. I’m pretty sure he was furious with that one. The refs even reviewed the call but still gave it to the Bucks.

    If refs won’t give Rose any calls, then other teams can basically neutralize him by fouling him and making him miss layups while not giving him freethrows. Rose’s greatest strength is being able get to the basket at will. If he doesn’t have that, then he can’t help out the team as much.

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