Ballin: Kris Humphries did it up big-time, my friends. 31 points, 18 rebounds, two steals and three blocks. Plus, he didn’t get married to a reality TV starlet at all last night, so it was a really strong performance.

Not so much: The Suns and Timberwolves combined to shoot 54 percent from the field and score 251 points, but Shannon Brown went 4-13 and only put up 11 points because apparently he didn’t get the memo.

March bombs: Al Jefferson … for threeeeeeeeee!!! (???)

That’s Big Al’s first career three-pointer, pushing him to 1-24 overall. This really helps his Skills Challenge campaign.

Peach out: You’ve probably already heard, but T.J. Ford is retiring thanks to a series of spinal injuries. It was hard to ever really buy in to T.J. Ford since he suffered horrible, long-lasting injuries a bunch of times but he could be great at times. That’s what happens when you’re crazy fast. Word is he’s staying on with the Spurs to learn the ins and outs of front office management, which is a pretty decent situation to be in if you have to retire prematurely.

Not today: Bismack Biyombo sees your game-tying dunk attempts and just laughs.

It’s tempting to say that Trevor Ariza should have just pulled up for a short jumper, but he would have just bricked that anyway.

Multifaceted: Here’s Kris Humphries on the Bucks: “In the fourth quarter, they scored probably every way you can score—back cut, duck in, 3-pointer, pull-up J, everything. They played well as well.” FYI — the Bucks are the league’s most average offensive team.

Old Man Knees: Look at Tim Duncan playing like his robot software just got upgraded.

Hey, great defense JaVale McGee. Way to literally duck out of the way at the end there. Nice work.

Glass works: The Bulls missed 53 shots last night, but they rebounded 22 of those misses. I’m no mathematician, but I would say that that is an extremely great offensive rebounding rate and maybe part of the reason the Bulls won by five.

Other things: I don’t really want anyone to see this, but Derrick Rose actually had a layup blocked last night, by Jeremy Lin of all people … Chris Paul made his son a miniature face mask, which is just so precious. In response, Kobe Bryant gave each of his daughters 8-carat diamond rings … Haven’t seen a clip, but Chris Singleton had a really great block on a Manu Ginobili dunk … Gotta love the catch-the-ball-in-the-air block … If you want a Leigh Ellis “Twit-ah” ringtone, here’s your link