Here is the one problem with creating a reel of JaVale McGee’s dumbest plays before the season is over — it will always be incomplete. Because this came out yesterday, only to be followed by JaVale completely blowing a dunk.

It’s like a three-legged dog chasing it’s tail. Just when you think he’s going to catch it, he falls over in to Nick Young’s bowl of food.

(via Cosby Sweaters)

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  1. Magee is a dumas, but missing a dunk? EVERY player has done that.

    • Not every player tries to dink from the free throw line in game…

      Some of these are really funny but others are so sad ! Can’t help but hink he got so much potential, if only the thought process would work :-/

    • JaVale McGee is cheating cause he missed all dunks

  2. This is frustrating to watch…

  3. Future of NBA !!

  4. this is hilarious. #2 was probably my favorite.

  5. freaking funny stuff

  6. This somehow made me sad. And quite a bunch aren’t really his fault, like getting the ball thrown behind him on a post up or being pushed away on that botched dunk. Otherwise I see loads of frustration. Poor rich guy somehow.

  7. Craziest thing on the missed dunk, is you can see Blair and Duncan actually push JaVale away from the rim as he’s in the air. Kinda like a balloon. How light are you JaVale?

  8. The sad thing is, that he actually is really talented. Height, wingspan, athleticism, you name it. With a few moves and a professional attitude, he could be an amazing center.

    • He should’ve won the 2011 dunk contest. Alas, Blake Griffin could’ve dunked a tennis ball on an 8-foot rim and The People would’ve given it to him anyway.

      • Now come on, popularity had a lot to do with it, but people tend to uderrate griffin’s dunks besides the Kia dunk… You (and a lot of people) should watch it again… Not that much of a steal…

  9. I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you! hahahahahaha

  10. wow i thought you all would wait til the END of the season… but i guess it was needed now.. do you think its coaching? like his mom telling him to do it?

  11. @ Andre, great point… I mean he’s very likley to top all of those plays on any given night….Like block his own teammates shots for a quad-double…run onto the floor in a tied game because DeMarcus Cousins challenges him to a fist fight and costs the Wiz the Game….anything’s possible with this douche. Anything!.

  12. Man, this made me laugh at least 3 times, and also made me feel sad for him. What a player.

  13. This guy just plays like winning is of no consequence. Throw the ball up here, turn the ball over, no biggie. Doesn’t matter. You could wonder if he’d be different on another roster, but it’s a chicken/egg situation.

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