On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the first trade of deadline week, which is, of course, the Bucks-Warriors five-player deal involving Andrew Bogut and Monta Ellis. Who won the deal? Can an Ellis-Jennings backcourt coexist? And should the Dubs buyout Captain Jackson? All that, plus Dwight Howard’s insane “roll the dice” comments, the Kobe-to-Pau-to-Bynum offense, LeBron’s regular season numbers, and much, much more.

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  1. Back on hipster YouTube? I approve.

  2. The bucks did not use Bogut or Jackson in their recent run up the standings so Ellis is only an addition…

  3. Sad thing is, with Monta gone, the Warriors actually played BETTER last night…. granted it was against the Kings and their lack of defense. Great ball movement and good team defense. If they keep that up then they might really lose their draft pick :(

    But I like the Warriors’ long term goals with the trade. This coming from a Warrior fan.

  4. That trivia was TOO EASY… I got it after the first clue.

  5. great show tonight guys. I wish we had trade deadlines every week so you can tak about it more. not only the games of last night

    • To this point : you guys should adress (plausible) trade scenarios that you think could make teams better, even if you have to make them up… I just find trade speculation enjoyable, especially when done by people who usually know the talent level of the players quite well (Jason Maxiell notwistanding)…

  6. I say the Bucks definitely win the trade because they benefit short AND long term. They save cap space, get to roll the dice on Udoh’s future, and get a LEGIT end-of-game scorer. I think Skiles could be a great fit with Monte. Maybe he is the guy who can reel in Monta’s bad shots and gets him to play the role they need. I think the future of the Bucks, even with the defense of the Monta/Jennings back-court, is super bright now. This team is deep and has a nice mix of young (Ilyasova (expiring, i know), Jennings, Leuer, Udoh) and in-their-prime (Monta, Delfino (expiring), Gooden) guys. I’d love to be the Bucks GM this summer with so many options on the table. They could resign Ilyasova or try to spend on a veteran guy and make a push to become really good immediately.

    Either way, the Bucks are going to be a must watch for the rest of the season. My favorite part of the NBA is seeing how new teams mesh. It’s fun if no matter what happens. They either thrive (Heat/Celtics), implode (Blazers) or somehow both (Knicks).

  7. Any chance this is going to be uploaded to youtube?

  8. D’Antoni just resigned as Knicks head coach! That should help your pick in the game tonight Tas…Woodson takes over against the Blazers and 1st game interim coaches often get wins, especially at home and well….the Blazers can’t throw a ball in the ocean right now either!

  9. Favorite episode of the season, thus far. Twelve minutes of Bucks talk?! Unheard of! (But appreciated.) Plus (plausible) Dwight Howard conspiracy theories, The Fall of Jameer, the suavest dude to ever put on a Blazers jersey (no, not Bonzi Wells), some kid ducking his teacher in class, Pirate Trey, and pocketsful of panache! Thanks, guys.

  10. Most ridiculously homer pick for the winner of the Ellis-Bogut: The T-wolves. The Wolves play GSW three times and the Bucks zero times over the final 23 games of the season.

  11. Just FYI, Tas, the Magic cannot sign Dwight to a 5 year contract in a sign and trade. In the new CBA, any sign and trade contract is restricted to the rules governing a team that doesn’t have the player’s rights (ie 4 years and the smaller raises). Since Dwight wants to go to a team that has plenty of cap space, he has absolutely no reason to agree to (or insist upon) a sign and trade, except out of the goodness of his own heart (yeah, right).

  12. Captain Jack = Latrell “Feed My Family” Spreewell

    • Spreewell was actually more usefull and much less of a cancer (save for, you know, that little struggling “incident”)

  13. What is that song at the 26:00 mark?

  14. Allow me…

    New New Hotness by V!RTU

  15. Much obliged….

  16. Hey Fellas,
    Love the show.
    Tas-You say the Warriors have locked up all their cap space. So what? They had tons of cap space this year and didn’t do squat with it. Made a run at Chandler? Signed Kwame? Free agents don’t want to come the the Warriors.
    Cap space is overrated now, half the teams in the league have it every year, and the superstars that you would sign with that cap space choose where they want to go anyways.
    Warriors took a risk, and with a healthy Bogut and maybe a 7 or 8 seed, that is still better than the 11th seed they were locked into with Monta.

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