“I’m used to it now, man. I’m the black Michael Myers.”Kobe Bryant, on his mask and which comedian he is most often compared to

(via SB Nation)

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  1. Still looks like an asshole in a mask

  2. I still say he needs to wear Majora’s mask once.

  3. Asshole or not, the dude can play some fucking ball.

  4. go back to the black mask at least

  5. Purple mask and purple tights.

    You know you want to do it Kobe

  6. I believe he’s referring to michael myers the serial killer from the Halloween movies who wore a mask not mike meyers the comedian… duh and yes kobe is an absolute murderer

  7. Thanks for clearing this up Matt. I was confused.

  8. Nah, Kobe’s come back to the good side. He tried the villain mask in Detroit…the result was a disaster.


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