Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowksi has the details:

Mike D’Antoni has resigned as coach of the New York Knicks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

D’Antoni and Knicks owner James Dolan agreed on Wednesday to end his three-plus-years run as Knicks coach, a source said. “It was a mutual decision to no longer coach the Knicks … conflicting visions of the club’s future,” the source said.

The “conflicting visions of the club’s future” include but are not limited to:

  • whether or not Carmelo Anthony should get the ball all the time;
  • whether or not black trim should stay on the Knicks’ shorts;
  • whether or not the team should start taking games seriously;
  • whether or not Amar’e Stoudemire looks good in hats;
  • whether or not Mike D’Antoni should remain employed.

As you can see, the two parties’ differences on these issues is insurmountable, so D’Antoni had to “resign.” Now Mike Woodson’s goatee takes over as interim coach and the Knicks continue being the same old dysfunctional Knicks. Same as it ever was.

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  1. Wow, that glimmer of hope faded QUICKLY. Poor Knick fans.

  2. I didn’t get all the Mike Woodson eyebrow references on twit-ah so I googled it…Trey was result #4:

  3. The organization is a mess; I hope D’Antoni moves on to bigger and better things.

  4. Melo is a team cancer..why is everyone in the NBA and NBA media afraid to say it?

    • One person who’s not afraid to say it… Kevin Garnett.

      This whole disaster is still Isiah Thomas’ fault, right?

    • @MBL: I guess everyone’s afraid to say he’s a team cancer because of that whole “has never played a season in his career where he missed the playoffs” thing (admittedly: yet).

      • Because he’s a very talented player who was usually surrounded by at least a capable supporting cast… I mean : not being able to share the ball with AI is okay (although it started AI’s own reputation as a cancer), but not sharing it with one of the best inside scorers in the game is another thing… Shooting 40% in D’Antoni’s system is bad too…

        The guy just can’t adapt to anything else than 1-on-5 ball, which is too bad because (as stated on the Fix) the guy could be a much better player if he just asserted himself to playing the right way (sharing the ball a, taking it to the hoop, posting-up)… He could be awesome in transition, but he’s a ball-stoper because he has to show that he can score 1-on-1 on anyone.. Which he can, but not THAT efficiently…

        And then he bitches and moans every time something goes wrong instead of putting it on himself, which has a terrible effect on his teammates… The guy is a winner, but he’s one of those few players that make his teammates worst…

        • Wonderfully put, Breyzh. Melo should be Wanker Of The Week for me.

          The Knicks were on the rise, pleying well. Then he comes back, they start to lose again, it deflates one of the greatest stories in sports ever, bitches and moans all the freakin time, and in the end gets his coach fired. Like I commented on a different TBJ posting – if he hasn’t learnt to play team ball by now maybe he isn’t that good anyway. Go play at Rucker park instead, being in NY and all.

    • Because sometimes when people say that a player is a team cancer, they really mean something else… NBA’s most corrosive cancers (Note: at the time that list was compiled, Iverson was a year out of an MVP, and, uh, the only non-black player on that list is Jason Williams…) (I’m not saying, but I am saying… sometimes “presentation” effects perception.)

  5. Nash to NYK rumors are now dead.

  6. Knicks going down in flames = LINdenburg

  7. dismissing dantoni in favor of carmelo anthony who has gone the opposite direction of proving building around him can win a championship since he’s gotten to the knicks is a solid plan

  8. Poor Tas Melas.

  9. D’Antoni is an overrated coach (Nash and Gentry proved that), but he’s not the main problem in the Knicks organization nright now… ‘Melo has no chemistry (at least on the court) with Amaré or any other key Knick player…

    • He had no chemistry with Chauncey Billups either – I think that alone has to prove something. He just doesn’t get it. If one of the greatest leaders can’t talk some sense into him.

      And I hate all of this Best Pure Scorer crap. It’s a game where you win or lose rings, not just score 1-on-1. Such an egocentric player can’t be a franchise player period.

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