Ep. 779: Dwightmare

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss a bunch of NBA Trade Deadline Day hypotheticals, including Dwight Howard’s “Indecision,” the rumored Lakers-Wolves-Blazers three-way deal, and the Chris Kaman, um, “sweepstakes.” All that, plus Coach D’Antoni’s resignation, a “Wanker of the Week” highlight reel, and Marty McFly suspenders.

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Comments (11)

  1. wow that photo really creeps me out!

  2. …on a higher note: maybe the funniest (regular) fix this season! loved the vibe today. i actually feel pretty good right now, having watched this episode! so thx for that.

    plus: love the minny / lakers / blazers trade if it happens. doesn’t make much sense for LA PG wise, but beasley in a team with kobe -> immediate head-straightener. love it.

    same thing with the blazers, aside from the fact that they now have YET ANOTHER point guardish / ball handling player, which is hilarious to me, it’s great. i don’t trust beasley and his influence on derrick williams. crawford is actually fun and kind of a bigger version of barea, whitout the drive. and he will prolly be gone next season anyway -> cap room. nice1. hope it happens.

    • …i meant: same thing for the wolves, of course.

      don’t get what the blazers do at this point tho. tank nation 2013? hm.

  3. I busted out laughing at the picture on the video.

  4. Well Dwight will stay at least for another season with the Magic. Sounds like a good choice to me, the season is about to end, and now he will get a bit more leverage if he decide to get traded. Hopefully Orlando will bring another superstar to the team, and he wont need to move.

  5. Facebook thank yous > Trivia.

  6. Wow no mention of the Heat Bulls game?

  7. Blazers started tanking right after the allstar break. Now it’s completely blown up, new coach, no camby and no wallace….whew! spring cleaning in Portland! Crawford stays with Aldridge and Batum.

  8. Loyalty will haunt him nx season…

  9. I’m glad other people noticed the suspenders.

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