Even though it is trade deadline day and your Twitter timeline is going crazy to the point you’re having trouble keeping up while thinking, “Dag, if the Lakers add Beasley and Sessions for a protected first-rounder, that’s a pretty great haul for nothing,” let’s take a second and think about two players who aren’t going anywhere — Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

You remember those two guys, I’m sure. They’re safe where they are and will be starting the playoffs in a little more than a month, and (segue) they’ll be wearing fancy new shoes, both of which you see above these two brilliant paragraphs.

On the left is the Nike Kobe VII Elite, on the right is the Nike LeBron 9 Elite. You’ll notice they have something in common. They’re both part of Nike’s “Elite” pack, which also includes an updated version of the Hyperdunk. They’re all standard black and white with hits of gold throughout, inspired by the Larry O’Brien Trophy. There are new fabrics, updated technology and a bunch of other playoff-y updates that make these limited edition.

Personally, my favorite are the new white Kobe’s. They’re very simple but kind of elegant looking, if you ask me. I really like the raised snake skin texture and like that it’s pretty subtle compared to last year’s version. Feel like these would look great in the summer. As for the LeBrons, the black ones are pretty nice, like a commercially available version of the “Watch the Throne” shoes that LeBron has. Not crazy about the white ones, which are fine but not worth the $250 price tag.

Both shoes go on sale April 28, which is not coincidentally the first day of the playoffs. Both of the Kobes go for $200 and the LeBrons are $250. Don’t be surprised if Kobe mentions this price disparity in a postgame press conference. He’ll use anything for fuel. More pics after the jump.