Skeets and Tas will break down all of the trades on Friday’s episode of “The Overdose,” but until then, here’s a quick guide to the winners and losers of a very busy NBA trade deadline day.

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Comments (21)

  1. Skeets good adjustment with the second button there.

  2. Winner today, mentioned it earlier today, TBJ Fans watching Tas Melas rocking the slick suspenders, again

  3. What a day! Looking forward to the overdose… can we put Kaleb Canales in the pun gun?

  4. Still don’t understand how the Nugs soured on Nene so soon after giving him that monster deal. Maybe they suspect his recent injuries will be more troublesome down the road?

    Also – is Tas rocking a belt with the ‘spenders?

  5. The most important trade is SJ to the Spurs.

    End of Story

  6. Kinda hard imagining Mcgee evolving much from his current state of knuckleheadedness,
    a possible stinker of a deal for the ‘nugs

  7. Can’t be sympathetic to Nene. Foremost, he’s survived cancer. That’s great! Secondly, he’s RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.

  8. I can’t figure who will improve – Javale McGee no more being on the Wizards or the Wizards no more having Javale McGee. I’m totally clueless. Let’s see how that works out.

  9. what did the clippers give up to get nick young?

    who of course is a streaky knucklehead, but a very underrated defender, i really like this trade for them

  10. the LA-Cavs deal wasn’t entirely one-sided. Cavs did manage to get 2 first round pick for an average point guard who was leaving in free agency in a month anyway. (They can switch their miami 1st round pick next year for the Lakers’ 1st rounder) Worked pretty well for both teams I think.

    It’s a shame Portland is in the position they are in now. Imagine their team with a healthy Brandon Roy, and Greg Oden. Tas’s comment about Thabeet watching out for his knees in Portland did make me laugh though.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s OD.

  11. Felt good about the Lakers moving that horrible Walton contract, and Kapono was closer to a D-league’r than a Laker. But the Fisher move is painful. So you limit his minutes, only bring him in for clutch game-winner jumpshots, fine! But the dude was the heart and soul of the Lakers…

  12. The NBA trade deadline day is a notch below the all-star game hoopla. If you’re a fan of ball in general and not just of one particular team, not only do you know that team play wins and is the most beautiful game to watch, you also know that the trade day is always so anti-climatic…maybe it’s because all of the hype, but maybe it’s also because of how little importance there is on who goes where, in the end. It’s like when you’re a young teenager at Christmas time, and on boxing day you realize that it’s just another cold, snowy winter day without the lame-ass mid-winter hype.

    I guess the two are related, because the latter will never live up to the former.

    BTW, has started advertising for the 2013 all-star game yet? I’d like to submit a vote.

  13. Burning questions:

    1. Will the Nene trade be covered on “The Association”?
    2. Will JaVale McGee stop being so lovably bumbling now that he’s on an actual professional team?

  14. Portland are huge losers here. Dumping Nate McMillan was absolutely the wrong move. Bogut, if healthy, makes the deal completely lopsided for the Warriors, but I suppose we’ll see. We wrote a little more here – – but good stuff TBJ

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