Ballin: Greg Monroe, an NBA basketball player for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, scored 32 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in an NBA basketball game against the Sacramento Kings, completely outplaying DeMarcus Cousins who has been positioned as Greg Monroe’s (NBA player for the Pistons) rival. Just catching you up on what is happening with the Pistons, who you might have forgot about.

Not so much: Dwight Howard wanted to be traded, then didn’t want to be traded, then said he was going to opt-in to his last contract year with the Magic, then took it back and now he is either going to sign that paper or be traded to the Nets. This guy.

2001 in the house: Jamaal Tinsley highlight coming right up.

Not quite as good as his around-the-world, but I’m not sure anyone would have guessed Jamaal Tinsley would have two highlights in the 2011-12 season.

Per usual: Mike D’Antoni “resigned” yesterday, then the Knicks went out and won by 42 points, their biggest victory of the season. This happens every time someone loses their coach, so I’m not sure why we don’t see more firings.

Also per usual: Despite the huge win, the Knicks completely besmirched the good name of basketball by dunking while up big. Mike Breen hated it.

Relax, Mike Breen. This is the first good thing that’s happened to the Knicks since Jeremy Lin got his own apartment.

Kim approves: Kris Humphries followed a 31-point, 18 rebound outing with a 16-point, 21-rebound line. It’s like the Nets don’t even need Dwight Howard.

Awk-berg: From the AP: “‘Squad Six,’ the cheering section founded by Bogut, was present for Wednesday’s [Milwaukee Bucks] game despite the Bogut trade.” They were probably just honoring the memory of Mirsad Turkcan, like we all do.

Love u: Here is the total Joakim Noah package.

Could have used more spastic dancing and oil prospecting, but still pretty Joakim-y.

Unbalanced: If you weren’t making at least $15 million from the Miami Heat this season, you didn’t get shots last night. The non-James/Wade/Bosh members of the Heaters took 19 combined shots. They made five.

Weak sauce: Come on, Marco Belinelli. You have to foul better than that (2:12 mark).

Don’t worry — huge and-one dunks in overtime never come back to hurt the fouling team.

Other things: Shout out to Drew Gooden, who we’ll talk about later … Gilbert Arenas to the Grizzlies? Seems hilarious, so I’m down with it … Jamal Crawford might be heading to the Timberwolves, which might set them back a little bit on the likability scale … Chris Wilcox is out for the season with an enlarged aorta … Benny the Bull headbutting kids, of course … JaVale McGee wants $14 million a year, one million for each hilarious lowlight … “LeBron you suck”this shirt