Paging Jon Bois. Paging Jon Bois. We have a new entry for your list of worst airballed NBA free throws.

Well, two entries actually. His plaques can be commemorated with these two screen captures.


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  1. Do you guys think that all those muscles get in the way of having a soft touch for a proper backspin and release?

  2. Blake Whiffin

    Thank you very much.

  3. Blake Whiffin’,

    the free throws that is.

    Seriously, how do you make it to the NBA, play basketball your whole life, be an all-star, and not be able to hit the rim from 15 ft away. At least hit the rim, or I can’t you seriously.

  4. In Blake’s defense, the valet didn’t park the Kia under the rim.

  5. Has anyone had a better “disappointing” season than the one Blake is having this year? Solid numbers and providing highlights almost daily but he’s shown that his overall game is fairly weak.

  6. Unfortunately, dunking a freethrow isn’t allowed. (Though I suspect that Griffin might make it to the rim from the line.)

  7. NBA players who cannot master the mechanics of a free throw should forfeit 50% of their salary to a local children’s charity.

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