I still think this no-look, over-the-shoulder, one-handed kick-out is my favorite Rajon Rondo pass, but this is certainly up there.

This whole sequence looks like a choreographed scene from a corny basketball movie. Something like “Sunset Park,” where it’s impossible that things can be that flashy without being sloppy at all. Just so nonchalant. Pretty great.

(via Dime)

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  1. I hate the Celtics but that’s just sick…

  2. that was so fluid… Rondo to Ray Allen is like good music…

  3. of course it looked like a movie – he was passing to Jesus Shuttlesworth !

  4. very magic esque

  5. It’s more like something that would happen in a video game, right before you throw your controller down in disgust and say ‘this shit is so unrealistic!’

  6. what’s crazy is the total lack of reaction from the announcers (I realize they’re GS’s crew, but still). Imagine if Tommy Heinsohn were doing the broadcast!

  7. The best Rondo pass is behind-the-back to Tony Allen on fast break as Lebron was going for the cd-block on 2010 playoffs vs. Cavs.


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