As you know, Nene was traded to the Washington Wizards yesterday, possibly as punishments for his past transgressions. Whatever the reason — more likely that he is 30 years old and will be making a lot of money for a long time, despite the fact he often misses significant time due to various injuries — Nene is leaving the only team that he has ever known.

Plus, he’s leaving George Karl, a coach he’s been with since his third year in the league, and a coach who supported Nene through his cancer treatments and then forged a bond with the Brazilian big man while suffering through his own rehabilitation. As you’d imagine, Karl’s pretty bummed out about the trade. From the AP:

“Anytime you trade a guy that’s been with me since I’ve been here, and we have a personal connection because of our situations with cancer, it’s very difficult,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. “I hope to be friends with Nene for a long, long time after basketball.”

Well, this is about the sweetest thing you’ll ever hear in the NBA. I’m usually Constable Jerky Von Jerkjokes, but even I think this is heartwarming. I really, really want Nene and George Karl to stay friends now, which is something I didn’t ever really consider before yesterday. I hope they’re best friends forever and that is not sarcasm at all.

The NBA is a business and we all know that and mention it all the time whenever a trade goes down, but sometimes things like this happens and you’re like, “Why does the NBA have to be such a business all the time?” Can’t we just figure out a way to get these guys back on the same team so that they can continue being bros? I’m not demanding anything, but now might be a nice time for David Stern to hit the rescind button.

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  1. sure seems like Deron is headed out that door, that worst case scenario is looking mighty likely.

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