If you’re a bro with a beard, then you’ve surely had that conversation with your mom where she tells you how much she loves your face and wishes you would shave and and how even though she likes your beard she’ll always like your clean face better because that’s how you were born. Clearly, I am speaking from experience.

It’s no different for James Harden, owner of the NBA’s best and most famous beard. He went on ESPN’s Doug Gottlieb Show to talk about how hard it is to show your mother that your facial hair means a lot to you.

“It’s been over a year. I’m scared to touch it. That’s the sad part about it. I’m scared to touch it because I’m scared to see what I look like without my beard. I’ve gotten accustomed to it and used to it, even though my mom wants me to cut it bad. She keeps telling me to cut it or trim it down a little bit. But I keep telling her no. [...]

It’s tough cause it’s your mom, so you don’t want to tell her no. But at the same time, it’s like, this is who I am now. It’s The Beard. Everybody knows me by my beard now. It’s tough to tell her no, but mom has to know this is who I am.”

I’ve been there James. All of us bearded men have. You like your beard, people recognize your beard, but still, you mom is just always going to like you best without a beard. That’s one of the consequences you have to live with when you’re making a facial hair decision.

Let’s just all hope that James Harden stays strong and that his mom accepts that his beard is so wonderful that it even inspired it’s own t-shirt. We need James Harden’s beard in this league, if only to inspire a new generation of children to forsake their razors.