Ballin: John Wall went for 26 points and 12 assists, while going 11-16 from the field. And the Wizards won. Obviously, JaVale McGee was the problem.

Not so much: The Clippers outshot the Suns (.459 to .410), were only missing Brian Cook while the Suns didn’t have Steve Nash or Grant Hill, and had six players in double figures, but the Suns won. Strange.

Shout out to Melvin Levett: 2001 Kenyon Martin in the house.

Best part of this dunk is Channing Frye’s look of complete and total dejection after his team fails to get a body on Kenyon, which results in a set of nuts on Channing’s neck even though he was doing his part to rebound. He looked like Nick Cannon doing a George Michael Bluth impersonation.

Curse of Tyson Chandler: After last night’s win, the Dallas Mavericks are 15-0 all-time against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Lucky: Great play call, great pass, terrible missed shot.

The Jazz went on to win in overtime, which is good because otherwise, people would be shaming Paul Millsap on various internet web logs. No one wants to suffer that horrible fate, which is probably why he made two steals, hit a jumper and had an assist in the final minute of the extra period. Crisis averted.

That’s cold: Here’s Kevin Durant on playing the shorthanded Nuggets: “We knew they were going to be playing with a heavy heart and we wanted to come out and take advantage.” What a meanie.

It’s over: World’s most depressing Schuhmann Stat: “Just realized that the Williams/Williams/Williams/Williams era in NJ is over. Sad day. The 4 Williams were a +2 in 5 total minutes together.” It was fun while it lasted.

Other things: I’m not entirely sure the Nets understand how the draft lottery works … J.J. Redick is good at Twitter jokes and logic … Greg Oden is no longer a Blazer, so he should sign with Phoenix and get some of their special leg juice … Dwyane Wade thinks loyalty is hilarious … Just a tiny little story about how TBJ is the best at making your engagement dreams come true … The Kobe System works for everyone on earth

Comments (5)

  1. Blake looks so pasty in that screencap

  2. The set of nuts were pretty much to the face from looking at the clip again. Even more frustrating for Frye I guess.

  3. he looks like painted his face white (blake)

  4. The Jazz have a really bad habit of missing wide open layups late in games…

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