“Hey, Chris.”

“Oh, hey Chris.”

“How you doing?”

“You know, just playing basketball for a little.”

“Yeah, I saw that. I was there actually.”

“Right, right. Because you’re me.”

“Right … so?”

“Not much going on really. Just kinda hanging out here by the elbow, waiting for a kick-out or something. Might grab a rebound later.”

“Cool. Hey, LeBron’s passing it towards us.”

“Oh nice. Wait just a second man. Can I put you on hold for a second?”

“Yeah, no problem.”



“Pretty nice shot, right?”

“Yeah, we nailed it. Smooth.”

“Thinking about doing something crazy with my face to celebrate. What do you think?”

“The tongue thing?”

“Yeah, probably. Feels right to me.”

“Me too.”

“Oh yeah. GREAT call. You really nailed it, Chris.”

“Thanks, Chris.”

“So what’s your plan for the rest of the night? More jumpers?”

“That’s what I’m thinking. Nothing really set in stone but I’d like to toss up a few more shots, maybe throw down a dunk if the lane really opens up, then I’ll probably play Draw Something with Adrienne later.”

“Sounds like a busy night.”

“Well, you know I like to keep myself occupied but I’m kind of too busy to really modify any of my computers right now, so that’s just a little thing I can do and not really worry about anything.”


“Other than that, I don’t know.”

“OH! We could brainstorm some viral videos! We love brainstorming viral videos! Blane Harrington! Tall Justice! Let’s do it again! Third time’s the charm, Chris.”

“Sometimes, Chris, it’s like you just know what I need to hear. Sometimes, you just get it.”

“Thanks, man.”

“Brainstorming a new hit character sounds awesome. Meet me in the throne room downstairs at 10:30. I’ll bring the posterboard, markers, pipe cleaners, felt and paste. You bring the brilliant sketch ideas. This sounds like fun. See you there.”

“You mean, see me there.”

“Ha. Good one, me.”

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  1. haha….Draw Something

  2. WTF ….TreyKerby? Are you on crack?

  3. that first pic was the working title logo for Jurassic Park 2

  4. Great stuff, TK. I’m a little worried you might have gone native researching this one, though. How are you feeling about scarves and belts right now? Be careful, man!

  5. Hey Bosh how you feeling dude.
    LIKE A BOSH!!!

  6. Trey Kerby “LIKE A BOSH”

  7. like a boshtirich … my fav!

  8. Trey Kerby, you are a moron.

  9. Nice Jokes about me man u really nailed it xP

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