Here’s a fun game. It’s called “Guess How Many of the 12 Clippers Games in the Month of March Have Been Decided by Less Than 10 Points?” I will give you a hint — the answer rhymes with “swine.”

That’s right. The answer is nine. Nine games in March have been decided by single-digits. I don’t know why this is weird to me, but I’m just a little surprised that all these games have been so close.

Anyway, the Clippers have been playing a bunch of close games, which is just how Chris Paul likes it. From the AP:

“We only like close games,” Paul said with a grin. “We don’t believe in blowouts. You don’t get to work on as many things in blowouts.”

Believe it, Chris Paul. Blowouts are real. They do exist, even though a lot of people think they ceased being when the Targaryens escaped the Doom. But no, they live on in the hearts of men and also in games where one team scores a whole bunch more points than the other team.

But hey, Chris Paul is probably right about being able to learn more during close games. Being in the kind of situations where every possession really matters is good preparation for the playoffs, when defense is tighter and offenses need to make sure they execute. Yeah, it’s nice to destroy a team, rest your starters, see how your non-rotation guys play with actual minutes and enjoy a stress-free night, but it’s maybe not quite as educational. I’m sure every team would love to roll through a playoffs with 20-point win every night, but that’s not realistic, so it’s more than OK to get a couple close games under your belt during the season.

However, it wouldn’t kill the Clippers to luxuriate in a nice, big win every now and then. Learning is cool and all, but so is chilling out and getting some rehab time for the guys you’re going to need for the playoffs. As Stephon Marbury once said, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.” So think big, Chris Paul. Blowouts are out there. All you have to do is have faith and shoot well.