Meet me at the Timberwolves bench, it’s going down. Meet me at Power Balance Pavilion, it’s going down. We’re this close to having a full-fledged, fist-on-face fight on the Minnesota sideline. THIS CLOSE.

Well, almost. From the AP:

“It’s frustrating, but nothing personal against JJ,” said Love, who made just 7-of-20 shots. “I think we were both frustrated and took it out on each other when we should have took it out on the other team. So both of us made mistakes and both of us feel bad.”

Dang it. “We could have had a fiiii-e-iiight,” says Adele, who was definitely talking about the prospects of a J.J. Barea vs. Kevin Love fight, for sure. She just loves writing breakup songs, sometimes about professional basketball teams who are going through hard times, like losing five of six games and dropping out of the playoffs.

It’s for the best though. Not that I don’t appreciate J.J. Barea’s fighting spirit and shiftiness, but from the looks of things, this isn’t the fairest of fights. I talked to several boxing experts while creating this chart, so you can be assured of its accuracy.

Maybe this should be a handicap match. If Barea gets someone like Luke Ridnour or Wesley Johnson, then it’s probably fair. I’m still taking Love — mostly because he once had to fight his way out of a beaver dam with only his hands as weapons — but it seems like a 2-on-1 showdown is the best way to make things even. Very smart of Barea to not take things too far last night. Waiting for backup is always a good plan.