As we all know, the 2011-12 Washington Wizards are destined to go down as the most hilarious basketball team in the history of the NBA. Dating back to last offseason — when JaVale McGee was planking during a game and eating cinnamon while Nick Young was proclaiming his personal style while also eating cinnamon — it has been a legendary run of mishaps, hijinks and shenanigans. They are the Kobe Bryant’s 40-point streak of basketball hilarity, an incredible culmination of time, place and silliness that brought us hours upon hours of joy.

But now, that’s all over, as both McGee and Young were shipped out of the nation’s capitol. And while it might be better for the team, it’s way worse for comedy. The 2011-12 Wizards truly were better than the sum of their parts, at least when it comes to making you laugh because of something that happened during a game. They will be missed.

Not by everyone, however. Nick Young, one of the leading men in the Wizards’ quest for laughter immortality, blames some unknown outside power for Washington’s endless supply of whoopsies. From the Washington Post:

“We watched the Wizards a few times early in the season,” one of the hosts noted. “It was interesting. A lot of crazy stuff happening out there on the court….Some crazy, crazy things out there on the court. What was going on in D.C. this year, Nick?”

“I don’t know, we had a curse on us for some reason,” Young replied. “We was on Not Top 10 every night, right? Every night it was something. Like, we couldn’t break the habit. But they drafted me, and I’m gonna miss some of them guys on the team.”

If he had to leave the Wizards, I’m glad Nick Young did it with one last hilarious quote. As the Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg puts it, “That’s as good a eulogy to this season as any: ‘We Was On Not Top 10 Every Night: the 2011-2012 Washington Wizards.’” Aptly put, indeed.

I’m sure there will still be great laughs coming from these two — JaVale McGee did say he’s excited to “show [he] can win and that [he's] not a loser,” which is perfect — but it won’t be the same with them on different teams. Obviously it’s going to be a riot when JaVale botches an open dunk, but if Nick’s not there to follow it up with a one-on-three fallaway from deep, then what’s the point?

RIP Hilarious Wizards. You were a blogger’s dream and an NBA coach’s nightmare. Hopefully we can meet again someday, in that big Verizon Center in the sky.