Ballin: 33 points and 11 rebounds for Andrew Bynum, who also went 12-14 from the field and 9-12 from the line. Amazingly enough, only one of those rebounds was offensive, which seems impossible when you consider that Kobe Bryant went 3-20 in the same game.

Not so much: I kind of just mentioned it, but Kobe Bryant going 3-20 while Andrew Bynum is making 86 percent of his shots is pretty wack. Maybe work it down low a little bit more.

Going up: Jeremy Pargo, ladies and germs.

If this was Jannero Pargo, instead of a huge dunk, we’d be seeing a clip of a guy taking a contested three with 18 seconds left on the shot clock. I like this way better.

Flip-switchers: Through four quarters of last night’s game against the Pistons, Chris Paul had 10 points. He finished the Clippers’ overtime victory with 19, scoring nine of Los Angeles’ 13 points and assisting on another basket. Decent five minutes, I guess.

Complicated: Do you understand how hard it is to perfectly time a reverse dunk tip-in? Donte Greene does.

In case you’re wondering why Jimmer Fredette keeps getting big minutes, it’s because he’s the best at missing jumpers that lead to dunks. Weird strategy, but it works.

FYI: Brad Miller is still shooting 100 percent from 3-point range this season.

Ego-stroking: LeBron James, lying about Chris Bosh: “He’s the biggest piece of our team.” Nice of you to say, but not the truth. Good teammate-ing though.

Throwback: Hey guys, it’s 2004 again.

Greg Oden needs to sign with the Suns yesterday. The second the ink dries on that contract, he’ll be an All-Star and won’t look 41 years old.

Gotcha: Thus far in their NBA careers, Markieff Morris is outscoring Marcus Morris 4-2 in head-to-head matchups.

Other things: Gerald Green is sticking around for the rest of the season, which is good because it means we can see him hit his head on the backboard some more … Derek Fisher was bought out by the Rockets, so expect him to join some playoff team and make a big shot in the next few months … Ray Allen just found out he’s been wearing the wrong size shoes … From the weekend, DeShawn Stevenson accidentally making a halfcourt shot … And here’s Andrew Bynum throwing a deep post