On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Mavs’ crisp ball movement, the Nuggets latest injuries, Warriors fans hijacking Chris Mullin’s number retirement, Derek Fisher’s buyout, Brad Miller’s retirement, and, in lieu of talking about that ugly Celtics-Hawks game, “Treeman.” All that, plus a new round of Crossfire, which includes, NBA trade deadline moves (and non-moves), as well as a few of the strangest NBA fights.

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Comments (15)

  1. “I don’t want to see it, I’m more limp that way.” Hahaha, thanks for making me laugh this morning while I’m stressing with finals. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. The trivia thing… not as cool as thanking someone random on Facebook. Now… I’ll never be next.

  3. The way Brad Miller is going out is classic. I predict he’ll be running for Congress before long. Guy has had a no BS career and I wish him well. Fisher should retire and move into Billy Hunter’s job with the union or take a shot at an office job. He’d probably be a good GM somewhere. Face it, Fisher loves the suits.

  4. Kendrick Perkins’ ring disagrees with your point about the Thunder not having anyone with championship experience , Tas.

  5. How about a spontaneous pun gun game whenever an ambulance/fire truck drives by on whoever you guys are talking about at the time.

  6. Rare case that I got the opening quote…Cuban’s blog

    • Furthermore, “I don’t want to see it, I’m more limp that way” is the best quote ever. Not even making a dirty joke out of it. It’s just brilliant.

      • So true.

        I would want some last second vision of it though, so I could at least get airborne to some degree.

  7. Bulls just have a historic game defensively and Thibs is the fastest coach in the NBA to 100 wins..that deserves at least 60 seconds or a mention fellas! At least Trey was repping the Brad Miller jersey.

    I still loves you guys thoughs.

  8. Kyrylo Fesenko is acting Ivan in east bound and down

  9. I think I remember that when derek fisher got released by Utah it was mainly to do with being able to get proper medical care for his daughter. Does anyone know whether thats no longer an issue?

  10. The Hawks announcer drives me nuts.

  11. What sort of an apiarists would Brad Miller be?
    A Rad Bee-Killer.
    Ok…maybe not my best…

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