Last night, Dirk Nowitzki went for 33 points in 31 minutes in the Mavericks’ game against the Nuggets. Unfortunately for everyone’s favorite rookie, Kenneth Faried was the main recipient of those points as Dirk knocked down fadeaway after fadeaway after fadeaway over the super athletic Predator clone. It had to be the most frustrating thing ever, which is probably why Faried eventually just accepted his fate and laughed things off after yet another crazy Dirkus Circus shot.

After the game, Faried let everyone know just how pointless guarding an on-fire Dirk can be. From the AP:

“That 1-foot fadeaway, nobody in the league can hit that and he makes it look so easy,” Faried said. “You think you play great D, you contest the shot and he looks at you like, `That’s going to go in every time.’ As a rookie, wow.”

Sounds about right. You don’t see many nearly unblockable fadeaways from 7-footers when you’re playing college ball, especially not when you’re at a small school like Morehead State. Some of Dirk’s best fadeaways are mind-melting just to watch from home, but having to guard shots like this has to be so infuriating. What are you supposed to do? I know Inspector Gadget extend-o-arms is the logical solution, but not everyone can afford those.