Ballin: 36 and 17 for Kevin Love, his 15th game with at least 30 points and 10 rebounds. In fact, he’s gone for double-digit boards in all but one game in which he scored at least 30 points. Going even further, in the 36 games he’s scored 20 or more points, he’s failed to grab at least 10 rebounds only twice. That’s just bananahands.

Not so much: The Celtics, Hawks and Magic all scored 33 or fewer points in the first half of their games last night. While the Celtics and Hawks weren’t anything special in their second halves, the Magic scored just 26 points in the last 24 minutes of their game against the Bulls. In related news, Dwight Howard probably is trying to figure out if time travel is possible because there’s something he wants to remedy.

Miss you: Brad Miller is retiring — literally to hunt ducks — and we’ll talk all about that later. For now, enjoy this mix of Brad’s time with the Kings. It’s filled with more pump fakes and 17-footers than you can even imagine.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say B-Rad will go down as one of the five best undrafted players in NBA history or one of the best passing/shooting centers ever. He’s seventh all-time in 3-point percentage among centers who’ve shot at least 150 threes and 11th all-time in assists per 36 minutes for centers who have played at least 200 games. Really going to miss this bro.

Welcome back: Spencer Hawes had 13 points, 11 rebounds, three assists and three blocks in 24 minutes. That’s his first double-double since January 16.

Shorties be dunking: Point guard dunks are some of the best dunks. Here are two point guards dunking.

Kurt Helin likes Jeff Teague’s dunk best, but I’ll take Deron’s because Ray Allen hasn’t actually blocked a shot since 1956 while Tristan Thompson is averaging more than a swat a game. Context counts.

Insult to injury or vice versa: Not only did the Maverick beat the Nuggets for the third time this season, giving the Mavs a tiebreaker come playoff time, the Nuggets also saw Andre Miller and Danilo Gallinari go down with injuries. Miller should be back tomorrow but Gallo is out for up to four weeks. Flawless victory for the Mavericks.

Mad padding: Great dunk by Joakim Noah. Better bounce off of a human by Glen Davis.

Tas will tell you — Big Baby is very cushion-y.

A fitting end: There’s no better way for a 79-76 game to end than with an airballed 3-pointer that misses the rim by about five feet.

Other things: Dwight Howard was not a fan of Omer Asik flopping for calls … In honor of Brad Miller’s retirement, the Raptors will be wearing their camouflage uniforms against the Bulls tomorrow … Joakim Noah’s finger guns made another appearance … My only real problem with Carmelo Anthony’s Easter Egg getup is that he buttoned the bottom button of his cardigan. So gauche … Gilbert Arenas is signing with the Grizzlies, which means Zach Randolph and Tony Allen jokes