Nothing says “Thanks for the Hall of Fame career, Chris Mullin” like booing a guy who’s owned the team for less than two years and then being reprimanded by Rick Barry. Just a classic jersey retiring ceremony scenario.

You have to hand it to Warriors fans for being SO committed to heckling Joe Lacob. Literally any time anyone else was talking, they were cheering and going nuts. Then when Lacob hops back on the mic, it’s right back to the boos. That’s serious dedication to proving that you really hate someone. Laser-like focus.

That being said, if Rick Barry thinks you’re being a jerk, then wow.

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  1. That is BS. Fans have the right to boo if they want to. but it is awkward that it happened when it did.

    Congrats to Mullin though. Hes always been one of my favs,

  2. Wow this is hilarious, really cracked me up while watching

  3. What I can’t read anywhere is why the boo’s ? Because of Ellis trade ? The team going south again ? Something else ?

  4. @oldschool

    It was probably the Ellis trade. He was pretty popular there. That being said, there are WAY WORSE owners out there. He really didn’t deserve those boo’s. It is Oakland though……

  5. I think Deadspin puts it best…

    “As a fan, don’t let anybody tell you when it is or isn’t acceptable to boo. But have a little perspective. Even just in California, there’s an owner that badmouths his own players, and ones that have threatened to move the team. (Golden State has talked about the need for a new arena, and considered a site just across the Bay. Not exactly the same as courting Seattle.) Lacob took over just two years ago, and the Warriors aren’t winning anytime soon with or without Monta Ellis.”

  6. LOL, love the GSW fans – I truly think they are the most raucous in the NBA (remember the Mavs/GS playoffs series)?

    Rick Barry with an excellent fellatio performance there ..

  7. I was there last night, and it wasn’t quite clear where the anger came from. I’m sure it was partly from the Ellis trade, though plenty of fans seem down with it, and partly from some of things Lacob has said (Warriors will make playoffs before the season, Ellis trade was a game changing trade), but I think it had more to do with Warriors fans memories of the Mullin the player being interrupted by a clueless rich guy wanting to get kudos for something that he had no part in making happen.

  8. Thats probably the best thing ive seen in a while lol.

  9. I can proudly say I booed David Stern on opening night in Dallas right before the Heat took out some revenge.

  10. I want to hear what Monta has to say about this.

  11. Yeah, the Monta trade was part of the unrest, but there’s also how Joe Lacob gave ridiculous promises last season that he couldn’t keep. Like having an All-Star and a playoff contending team in 2012, neither of which happened. Lacob liked to talk big, and with a fan base that has had to deal with so much losing for the past 20 years, they’re incredibly frustrated. Maybe Monta leaving was what put it over the top.

    Also, he shouldn’t have gone up after Mullin. What the hell was that?

    • Dude, can the Warriors fanbase can really complain about the last 20 years when compared to the Clippers, Sonics, Hornets, Bucks, Hawks, Grizz, Kings, T’Wolves, Wiz… The Cs, Nuggs, Blazers, Knicks, Nets or Magic have either had dry spells or got very bad luck in the last 20 years.

      The Warriors were relevant (and in the same city) in 1993 and 2008… How many teams can seriously say that ?

      Those are just spoiled cali fans… Most NBA fans are, really….

  12. Damn, are those fans retarded ? I mean, most sports fans are, but those are some serious cases.

    The guy has made some questionnable (not “bad”, mind you) decisions , but nothing that deserves that… In Europe we mostly have shitty basketball teams… Mostly…

    Spoiled assholes….

  13. Stay classy San Francisco

  14. There’s very few classy fans out there.

  15. So… Joe Lacob is Eric Bischoff?

  16. Surely Joe Lacob gets called ‘Jacob’ by accident, a lot.

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